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Phantasma is your one-stop shop. Whatever you desire, NFTs – Gaming – dApps, you will find it here.

We connect – you create & control

Phantasma is a custom built blockchain and ecosystem focused on enabling gamers, artists and grandmas alike to take advantage of the immense disruptive power that blockchain technology offers.

Once clunky, slow and expensive, latest generation blockchains like Phantasma are feature rich, built for speed and deliver excellent user experiences.

Our mantra since we started this journey has been that if grandma can’t use it, mainstream won’t. This has guided our journey through a multitude of feature additions and user experience improvements to the blockchain of today, Phantasma 2.0

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Phantasma provides a full suite of tools and features to enable the future of content distribution. Built-in oracles, Smart NFT gaming platform, arts and music, social connectivity – you name it, we’ve got it! Dive into the whitepaper to learn more

Whitepaper [EN]
Whitepaper [DE]

Writer’s Lounge

The Phantasma Writer’s Lounge is a team dedicated to writing news and articles related to the Phantasma Ecosystem

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