Phantasma Cross-Chain Wallets

Phantasma offers a selection of easy to use wallets to suit your personal preferences

Blockchain wallets can sometimes seem daunting and require a high level of technical skills to get familiar with. Not so with Phantasma wallets. They are made to feel familiar and be easy enough for grandma to use, while still offering a vast suite of powerful functionality. Whether you manage your funds on desktop, on the go through mobile or desire a handy browser extension based wallet, we have something for you.

Poltergeist Wallet

Highly secure, standalone blockchain wallet for mobile and desktop

Poltergeist is the primary wallet for many SOULdiers. Phantasma Link integration allows easy use with all Phantasma dApps. Available for both Android, iOS and desktop computers

  • Full wallet functionality
  • Full NFT capabilities
  • Mint NFTs through Phantasma Link
  • Stake and claim your rewards
Mac OS
iPhone iOS
Github Direct

Ready to get some SOUL & KCAL?

SOUL powers the entire Phantasma ecosystem through staking, storage allocations, securing your Phantasma ID and governing the evolution of the blockchain. Staking SOUL earns you KCAL every single day. KCAL fuels your everyday Phantasma Experience, and is required for every action performed, from sending transactions to minting Smart NFTs

Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Writer’s Lounge

The Phantasma Writer’s Lounge is a team dedicated to writing news and articles related to the Phantasma Ecosystem

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