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A Sustainable Token Economy

A Sustainable Token Economy

Phantasma’s dual token system enables maximum utility and healthy token dynamics between our governing SOUL and the fiery fuel token KCAL

A crucial question when designing a blockchain – or even running a simple tokenized dApp – is how to design token economics which both makes sense and makes for sustainable growth of the whole tokenized ecosystem in the years to come.

At Phantasma, we don’t build for tomorrow, we build for the next years and the decades to come. Hence, we needed a token system powering the Phantasma blockchain which was designed in such an ingenious way that it would stand to outlive its creators and bring value to the ecosystem.

Use cases are what bring value and drive demand for any token – and it is the sole good reason for any token to exist beyond pure market speculation. That is why you will notice that the tokens powering Phantasma have clearly defined purposes and a rich list of actual utility. Not in a whitepaper or some bright mind, but here and now, live and at your fingertips – continuously being expanded.

SOUL – Governing Phantasma

Without SOUL we are nothing – and can become nothing

SOUL is the governance token of the Phantasma blockchain, and the evolution of Phantasma is driven by the SOUL holders. Your voting power increases with the square root of the amount of SOUL you stake, as well as the staking duration, democratizing Phantasma and limiting the influence of large token holders while adding weight to long term supporters.

Staking SOUL generates the fuel token KCAL, and enables you to claim your Phantasma name on-chain so that Bill can send funds to Rob instead of P2KJMe8W1…Ju4D4nWmm. Stake 50,000 SOUL to earn the title of Soul Master and get an equal share of the 125,000 monthly SOUL dedicated to Soul Masters.

Your decentralized Phantasma storage allocation, served by the block producers, is also proportional to and growing with your stake. SOUL enables you to securely store your most precious files – encrypted, of course.

SOUL sustains the entire ecosystem through it’s low 3% annual inflation with 1/3 allocated to block producers, 1/3 allocated to the decentralized Phantom Force and 1/3rd allocated to various ecosystem incentives.

Your SOUL is precious

Multiple chains – multiple exchanges

There are multiple platforms available where you can acquire your SOUL. The most liquid platform is the trusted KuCoin exchange which carries Native SOUL via the Phantasma blockchain. Liquidity pools on both Uniswap (ERC20 SOUL) and PancakeSwap (BEP20 SOUL) are available, and liquidity pool incentives are in preparation.

Whichever platform you prefer, make sure you harness the power of Phantasma for easy cross-chain bidirectional 1:1 SOUL swaps and get that SOUL staked!

KCAL – Fueling Your  Experience

Without energy nothing can function – KCAL powers everything

KCAL fuels everything in the Phantasma ecosystem. From simple transactions to staking, minting your own NFTs or claiming KCAL itself, everything requires a minor fee – payable in KCAL and nothing else. Developers deploying smart contracts and new tokens pay their fees in KCAL exclusively.

That is why those in the know stake SOUL to generate KCAL. For each SOUL you stake, you generate 0.002 KCAL every single day – for a 1,000 SOUL stake, that’s 2 KCAL free every day, enough to cover all normal transaction types for the average user in perpetuity.

Deflationary measures guard the KCAL token economy, with half the KCAL fee of every type of transaction being burned instantly – keeping inflation under control and providing balance to supply and demand. Even dApp developers are contributing, with GhostMarket burning half their earned KCAL fees, further driving a downwards pressure on the KCAL supply.

Energize with KCAL

Cross chain KCAL trading at Uniswap

With Phantasma’s Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain interoperability, the listings of our ERC20 variant of KCAL on Uniswap and our BEP20 variant on PancakeSwap showcases the powerful underlying technology. Further KCAL markets will come in due time as Phantasma expands.

Whether you plan on holding your KCAL for generations to come or spend some exploring the Phantasma ecosystem, our wallets offer easy cross chain swapping to mainnet KCAL.

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