We are supremely happy to be able to bring you a new episode of our State of the Chain video series! Our COO Bill Petridis takes this opportunity to dive into the vast amount of things that have been happening in and around Phantasma over the last six months — and what to expect in the weeks and months to come. Enjoy the video – or the written summary below!

Exposure and website launch

Going back to the previous episode of State of the Chain, Bill made a commitment to increase Phantasma’s exposure, and in the following months our blockchain and ecosystem arguably saw more cumulative exposure than it has done since the project launched back in 2018! Some highlights:

  • We went on an aggressive AMA tour in February with AMAs hosted in a wide variety of crypto Telegram groups
  • A number of well known and influential YouTube content creators have featured Phantasma, including Hashoshi, Bitboy, CryptoBusy and Joel Comm — bringing word about Phantasma to hundreds of thousands of followers each time
  • We also enjoyed unprecedented media exposure during the Kevin Smith NFT Smokin’ Tokens NFT drop, being covered by outlets such as FOX Business and Deadline Hollywood

Beyond the media exposure, a lot has been done to improve reach for our socials and the quality of the content encountered by prospective new clients, customers and token holders. Our official website received a whole lot of love, culminating with the release of our brand new content management based website with a significant overhaul to both content and the user experience. At the core of the rebuild is a strong focus on SEO, which has resulted in far better keyword search rankings. With the website, our new blog went live, and will be the main go-to to catch the latest news about what’s going on not just at a chain level, but also in the ecosystem and with some of our partners. On top of this, we’ve seen significnt increases in the number of followers on Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Facebook.

Software releases

The last six months have seen multiple software releases to facilitate some of our partner requirements. We launched and enhanced the support for our smart contract compiler, giving developers the ability to produce their own contracts and deploy them without needing extensive coding knowledge, and carried out node upgrades to ensure we are bulletproof and able to handle increased levels of traffic.

Our Poltergeist wallet’s v2.5 went live — now also with iOS support for Apple devices, and with support for Binance Smart Chain integrated. Our Ecto wallet’s v1.2 release makes Ecto a very robust and mature web extension wallet with exciting features such as NFT video support, single click NFT linking with GhostMarket, significantly improved cross chain swapping and fee logic.

The launch of the Kevin Smith NFT sale also saw us introduce a live chat feature on our website which proved incredibly popular and will be used for major launches in the future.

Taking NFTs to the next level

The Kevin Smith Smokin’ Tokens NFT drop was in the top 25 NFT campaigns of all time, and has opened up communications with other parties within Hollywood which we are currently engaged with. Semkhor, who led the Kevin Smith sale, continue to hold and stake all their SOUL, and we look forward to seeing what they have planned next. We will also shortly being launching a very interesting NFT campaign for Christian Rock band Light 45 — Light45 — The Medic (Official Video) — and we’re talking to many other projects. Nominees and Clink.fm are just two such projects that have announced that they are launching on Phantasma.

GhostMarket continues to go from strength to strength, having launched self-minting and recently holding a successful fundraise to enhance their capabilities such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) support. As more and more projects approach us, we recognised the need to streamline the onboarding to GhostMarket for those that need customized elements surrounding their drops.

GOATi Entertainment has been putting significant resources towards completing their synchronous online multiplayer mode for 22 Racing Series, and expect to launch this feature within the next few months. Meanwhile, Pavillion has seen the launches of two new games with Winter Fury and the award winning The Gardens Between. Be sure to watch the interview with Garth Midgley on our YouTube channel for more updates.

Incorporation and liquidity

As we have been engaged in a significant number of pre sales conversations with different entities, we have proceeded to create a for-profit company for software services. Among other things this enabled us to sign statements of work, which is already bringing in revenue for our turnkey solutions.

With regards to liquidity, we now have fiat on-ramps on GhostMarket for ETH, mainnet SOUL and KCAL, USDC and BNB, a USDT pairing with Soul about to go live, and we’re in final testing stages of yield farming for liquidity pool incentives.

Come join us!

We have made a commitment to get short, punchy videos out more often in the future — likely on a monthly basis — so that we can give you regular updates on everything happening on and behind the scenes. However, you can join the conversation and talk directly with our team and our amazing community managers by joining our community over at Telegram. We’re always more than happy to help out and look forward to seeing you in there!


Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Your Phantasma Team