We are happy to announce that Phantasma has partnered up with The TacoCat Company! As a result of this partnership Phantasma and all our SOULdiers will see multiple additional Play2Earn games plug into Phantasma’s powerful blockchain as their backend. Furthermore, our network and partnerships will be used to generate additional opportunities ranging from partnerships and promotional exposure to opening new doors in the industry.

P2E, e-sports and NFTs

The TacoCat Company delivers an easy-to-understand user experience within their growing ecosystem, with an aim of making crypto more accessible to mainstream users. Utilizing their TacoCat Token ($TCT) users can play and earn with P2E games, participate in e-sports, trade in their NFT Marketplace, and use their online merchandise store. TacoCat’s stated mission is to  “blend together two worlds – crypto and mainstream”.

Flagship game releasing in April 2022

Wildcard: The Play to Earn Game is The TacoCat Company’s flagship game.  This 80’s themed, single and multiplayer collectible card game includes unique NFT creatures called Nemots, created from random combinations of art, mechanics and abilities. Players can level them up in battle to gain better stats and abilities, while losing your battles will damage your Nemots. The game is set for release in April 2022, with their Wildcard token presale launching on February 23rd. Check out the cinematic trailer! Phantasma’s Smart NFT technology is once again proving itself as an essential and attractive part of the toolbox for game developers.  Compared to legacy NFTs, Phantasma Smart NFTs offer significant creative freedom at a low cost, helping developers realize their creative vision and achieve the desired functionality while using carbon negative technology!

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