Phantasma is ready to jump through the Stellar Gate

The Phantasma ecosystem is about to expand to the outer regions of the solar system through our new partnership with the gaming project Stellar Gate!  The scope of this gaming project is massive, and Phantasma’s Smart NFT technology will form the blockchain backbone to its epic scale.  

A green, expansive Smart NFT universe

The Stellar Gate team is excited to be using Phantasma’s Smart NFT technology, as it will allow them to build an expansive universe with a vibrant economy.  Equally important, the Stellar Gate team felt that it was crucial that they practice environmental stewardship. Like Phantasma, they believe in collaborating to make blockchain technology more environmentally friendly.  Phantasma being certified as a carbon negative blockchain was a key factor for the Stellar Gate team when choosing to develop their game on Phantasma. 

Defend the solar system in a First Person Shooter MMO

Stellar Gate is a First Person Shooter (FPS) Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) space adventure game in the same vein as Star Citizen. Massive and ambitious, it incorporates a vast array of different elements such as ownership of starship personal living quarters, building customizable Mechs, utilizing medical services, drone control, mining, refineries and combat game play. Gamers will be able to explore and defend our futuristic solar system, always on alert and ready to tackle the dangers that may be lurking through the jump gates made between our solar system and alien systems. Aiming to provide stellar entertainment for hungry gamers, Stellar Gate will launch their massive game through several playable phases starting from Q1 2023, with their plans including a starship city metaverse!

Stellar Gate discovered Phantasma through their partnership with Polinate, a next-generation crowdfunding platform designed to discover, launch and empower creatives globally in a permissionless way.  Phantasma also partnered with Polinate last December, and the partnership with Stellar Gate is an excellent demonstration of this connectivity yielding adoption opportunities for Phantasma.  Phantasma is proud to power the blockchain foundation for Stellar Gate’s creative ambitions. This epic adventure being built for gamers will demonstrate why Phantasma is a key tool in any next generation game developers’ toolbox – to have the freedom to create, with limitless imagination and flexibility to launch quality games! A universe of opportunities, Your Phantasma Team

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