GOATi Entertainment, in collaboration with Phantasma, has recently delivered a groundbreaking milestone for mainstream crypto gaming by integrating Steam with blockchain through the revolutionary blockchain enabled game platform Pavillion Hub.

Simply use an existing Steam account to log into Pavillion and access both Steam games and blockchain assets — no friction, just fun & games! But what does this breakthrough mean exactly for game publishers — and what about gamers? What benefits does it bring? To properly understand the significance of this development, let us look at it from the perspective of the different user groups.

Game Publishers

This integration allows developers to sell their game on either Steam only, or on both Steam and Pavillion, and to take advantage of the blockchain back-end by delivering the same in-game inventory as NFT assets (Non Fungible Tokens) to both. NFT assets can be anything from game licenses to mods, expansion packs and in-game items.

Pavillion then takes this to the next level: As NFTs simply correlate 1:1 with in-game inventory, publishers are able to offer everything from games, to mods, to expansion packs and in-game inventory items as both blockchain assets and regular items purchasable on Steam.

Steam Gamers

Gamers that are unfamiliar or still grappling with the blockchain learning curve are provided an easy entry point. They simply install Pavillion and link their Steam account. They are then able to access and launch all their existing titles and any new ones they may purchase on Steam.

Logging in through Steam with an existing account At the same time a Phantasma wallet is also created for them, enabling them to purchase and seamlessly utilize NFTs on the blockchain along with their Steam inventory.

Notice the dual Steam ID and accompanying auto generated Phantasma wallet This provides a smooth and less daunting entry into the the world of blockchain gaming assets, which they can purchase, own and trade on the Phantasma NFT Marketplace.

Blockchain Gamers

The experience is similar to that of a regular gamer, however they are now able to link both their existing wallet and Steam account to leverage Pavillion as a one stop shop for all their gaming assets — regardless of how they were purchased.

22 Racing Series is the showcase title for this, and so far over 200,000 NFTshave been minted on demand on the Phantasma blockchain.

Load and launch your Steam game portfolio through Pavillion

GOATi Entertainment and Phantasma are incredibly excited by this game changing (pun intended) breakthrough as it allows both parties to market to and onboard a massive user base of both gamers and publishers alike, whose first foray into the world of blockchain asset based gaming and true digital ownership just got a whole lot smoother with a touch of $SOUL.

With major players like Atari and Ubisoft entering the space these days, we are proud to be spearheading the revolution!

To embrace the future of blockchain enabled gaming, simply head over to…

Pavillion Hub — the Steam & blockchain enabled gaming platform

22 Racing Series — The 1000 kmph RTS future physics racer!