Phantasma is pleased to inform you that we listed on yet another exchange!

StealthEX is an instant currency exchange for limitless swaps, without KYC.  This gives you the options to acquire or unload your mainnet $SOUL with over 1400 different cryptocurrencies.

In short, StealthEX works with multiple major cryptocurrency exchanges. Once you send the order in, their algorithms find the best deal on the market and make a swap for you.

Check out StealthEX’s Twitter and Telegram community.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to use StealthEX and $SOUL.

What is StealthEX?

StealthEX is a custody-free crypto exchange. We provide the opportunity to convert over 1400+ cryptocurrency assets limitlessly, without having to register, and with no extra or hidden fees. You can also buy $SOUL using fiat currency.

Why should I trust StealthEX?

You can rest assured that StealthEX does its best to provide you with seamless transactions supported by a simple and user-friendly interface. No swap can be lost or sent to a wrong wallet. Their exchanges are free from sign-ups, private, and, most importantly, instant. Instant exchanges do not require storing funds on the platform – they do swaps between crypto wallets.

Where can I find reviews?

One of the most popular websites for reviews is TrustPilot. You can also google the exchange exchange and find more reviews from their users.

Do I need to register?

No, you don’t. StealthEX doesn’t require users to sign up to the website.

What should I do if I don’t receive the coins?

Cases like this are extremely rare. It might happen though, that you have entered incorrect data for your transaction or sent the wrong deposit sum. If you have noticed something like this, please contact their support team at [email protected] – they’ll do they best to assist you!

What is the fee?

For every exchange, you have to pay the network transaction fee – this payment is needed to push the transaction into the blockchain. Besides, there might be trading fees on the liquidity provider’s side.

The fees vary depending on the currencies you have chosen and the amount to swap. StealthEX makes sure to calculate and include all the possible fees into the transaction estimate and present it to our customer before they make an informed decision to exchange their cryptoassets.

How long does the exchange take?

Generally, cryptocurrency exchanges are processed in a span of 5 to 30 minutes. This estimate depends on the network you are using, blockchain conditions, trade availability, etc.

How to buy $SOUL with a credit card?

To buy cryptocurrency, click on the “Buy Crypto” tab on the StealhEX main page. Then select your fiat currency and choose the crypto you want to buy. You will get several estimates from our service providers – choose one that suits you best. Please keep in mind that Mercuryo will require KYC if the amount exceeds an equivalent of $700 per user, while Simplex always requires identification.
Enter your wallet address and double-check it. Confirm your identity and enter the data requested by our partner. Once all the information is verified, you will be able to purchase crypto without going through this procedure again. Read their detailed article on how to buy Crypto with a credit card for more useful tips.

Where do I get a wallet?

Phantasma has different options to best suit your needs, you can learn about Phantasma Wallets here.

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