Before GOATi Entertainment agreed to take stewardship of Phantasma they did an initial review of the project to see if it was worth putting their time and money into, and taking it to the next level. Garth Midgley, CEO of GOATi Entertainment, and his team, see real value in Phantasma.

This AMA and Garth’s vision statement is testament to that for a new, more streamlined, more consolidated, and focused Phantasma, in technology and vision.

You can watch the full State Of The Chain and Q & A or read the notes below:

How we started with Phantasma

GOATi Entertainment started on Phantasma in 2018 and created the NFT standard for timed, multi-layered, nested, and mint on demand NFTs, minting the first NFTs on Phantasma.

GOATi developed PavillionHub– an advanced blockchain gaming platform that was built in a matter of months with zero external investment, built Racehub with no external technology or investment, and built Wonderman Nation– The first GOATi project with outside investors and using a third-party engine.

How did the exploits affect GOATi and Phantasma?

Massively! When a chain is exploited and discoveries made that point the finger directly at a former founder of the project, it greatly affects morale within the team, and obviously trust in the codebase. It also crushes the desire for a team to carry on holding the torch of someone that has betrayed their trust.

GOATi were just a week away from the token sale for Wonderman Nation when the first exploit happened. This deactivated Pavillion, disrupting the token distribution, created extra work for the team managing Pavillion related Phantasma/BSC swaps manually, and caused reputational damage.

The second exploit happened just days before GOATi announced their track builder for 22 Racing Series and FLOW and again damaged reputation.

However, through intense discussions with the GOATi team, we were able to outline a new vision to the existing Phantasma contributors bringing us to this point with GOATi as the new custodians.

What is the Vision?

Phantasma was trying to do too much to develop the ecosystem and just needs a core focus on security and stability. GOATi will peel Phantasma back to the core tech and focus on up-time and security.

  • Focus the chain tech and business on gaming and entertainment.
  • Double down on the technology and projects that we already have, to make them a success.
  • A chain just needs one big dApp that can act as a honeypot for other projects.

GOATi have also developed a tech solution that allows fast and secure interoperability between Phantasma and other chains, like a sidechain that sits between Phantasma and the broader blockchain industry. More information on this in upcoming AMA’s and State of the Chain (SOTC).

What do we currently have?

To get new and good projects, we really need to have users, activity, liquidity, and awareness. We already have some great projects on Phantasma with huge potential:

  • Pavillion Hub
  • Third party games already published on Pavillion
  • 22 Racing Series- having new features added all the time
  • Racehub- Already has partnerships with global vehicle manufacturers and technology partners like Intel.
  • Space MMO’s with Ascent Resurgence and Stellar Gate
  • Flow- Syn x Vertue
  • Wonderman Nation

GOATI is also in advanced discussions, via our substantial networks, with a strategy shooter game, some cutting-edge audio technologies and artist communities

GOATi will also focus on User Generated Content (UGC) as a core feature of Pavillion Hub.

What is GOATi bringing to the table?

  • GOATi have been operating as a tech company for over 10 years, with each team member having around 20 years of development experience and expertise.
  • Alignment with Phantasma to get things back on track and a shared vision. Respect for the strong community.
  • Position everyone involved in the right roles and working to their strengths.
  • Establishing better communication pipelines
  • Establishing better production pipelines
  • A review of all expenses and renegotiating contracts
  • Bringing in existing networks and connections
  • Managing developer tasks and resources to ensure that developers are always working on the most important tasks at all times.
  • Better management of community support requests to ensure that support tickets are either addressed directly, or other solutions found to streamline and reduce support requests.

Will this affect GOATi and our current projects?

Short answer. No.

  • The Wonderman Nation team are not affected and haven’t changed any of their tasks.
  • Brooke has been assigned to the tech that we wanted for a stable release of Wonderman Nation, which is also going to be used for Phantasma, apart from a small amount of extra work to make the communication layers between GOATi and Phantasma.
  • James, our backend guy, by default is assigned to all our projects, and has been doing a front-end client refactor for Wonderman Nation but has some additional hours allocated to Phantasma.
  • We’ve retained two developers from Phantasma who are assisting us with advising, and foundational maintenance/stability work.
  • Bill is project managing Phantasma for free alongside his other job. I am currently interviewing for someone to take some of Bill’s workload but they must be perfect for the position so this role may not be filled immediately.
  • Now that GOATi has taken care of much of the critical work in becoming custodians and control of the Phantasma infrastructure, I am once again freeing up more time to focus on GOATi projects.

What is the roadmap?

Short term:

  • GOATi gets a decisive handle on all the Phantasma infrastructure and keeps the chain as stable and secure as we can.
  • We learn as much as we can about tech issues, e.g. stuck swaps, and come up with solutions, both tech and streamlined UX.

Mid term:

  • We review the Phantasma code base to pull it back to core functionality only.
  • We start looking at having Phantasma backbone/sidechain with our GOATi technology. Still TBD how we implement this.
  • We launch projects: RaceHub, Ascent, etc.
  • We run campaigns to attract more players, and users into the ecosystem.
  • We begin working with our new projects.

Long term:

  • Phantasma has 100% up-time.
  • We continue working with our projects and running campaigns to bring in players.
  • We expand our UGC tools to get users contributing and participating in the eco-system.

Q and A

Sherpura: How many team members are still working on Phantasma?

Garth: 11-12

Sherpura: How will the 3% inflation fund be used by GOATi?

Garth: GOATi will not use Phantasma funds directly for marketing purposes. However, Phantasma will support cross-promotional efforts but GOATi will cover their own development costs.

Sherpura: When more block producers?

Garth: Can’t answer that right now in full. As part of GOATi’s plan to keep the chain secure and functional in the short term all nodes will be transferred to us, get them operating, secure, fast and online all the time. If we need more block producers as a part of that security and uptime then we will add them.

Cole Crypto: It seems like a huge overhead to have to build an intermediate layer because Phantasma can’t be relied on

Garth: Yes, it’s not ideal but blockchain enables us to have a digital currency for esports and global tournaments so we are able to focus on our games. After the exploits we took the decision to build out this foundational layer to protect us should any chain go down.

Sherpura: When will BP voting start?

Garth: That can be addressed in a future AMA, but not in the short term. Right now, the focus is on security, stability and uptime.

Mr Skadafie Gaming Channel: How much money has Phantasma left to build?

Garth: There’s not a whole lot of money left in the Phantasma developer kitty but that’s where GOATi has come in. We are funding our developers. James is keeping the nodes online with GOATi paying for that, Bill is currently working for free and the Phantasma contributors are working for free or for SOUL tokens. There is money left in Phantasma, it’s not millions, but we just don’t want to touch it.

We’re here to lead the chain in the direction of hopefully massive future success and if we came and just took money out now that would just ruin that success, so that’s how we’re operating it right now.

We looked at the budget, decided which responsibilities GOATi could take on, and see we can make this work.

Sherpura: In the previous roadmap, ledger support work was 85% complete. When will it be 100% complete? Also, will Phantasma list on any more exchanges or DEX’s?

Garth: This goes back to what I said previously about focusing on things necessary for the uptime of the chain and keeping the chain reliable and functional. Ledger support is still at the 85% state but is not an instant priority. It will be revisited when dev time allows.

Phantasma is not currently looking to list on any other exchanges at the moment.

Sherpura: What about Pharming, bridges, swapping etc?

Garth: We’ll be addressing this in the next AMA as Bill is working on all of this

Garth: I’m unable to talk about the Painmaker project at the moment but I need to have a call with their team and get a full understanding of what they’re working on

Regarding Stellar Gate, I want to meet with them as soon as possible. They came to the same conclusion as GOATi that Phantasma is the right chain to build on and I’m hearing really good things about them, so I look forward to speaking with them.

We also have a collaboration program with the University of Illinois and Bill and I hope to meet with them soon. They’re being mentored by two of the Phantasma/GOATi devs and have been tasked with working on a wallet project and will also be joining us for some racing tournaments.

Cole Crypto: How are you going to protect the chain from bad actors. Have procedures been put in place?

Garth: Yes. That is our number one focus. We can separate this in to two parts. How do we protect the current Phantasma codebase and how do we protect our technology from bad actors?

With Phantasma we have locked down features, we’re reviewing lines of code, securing the nodes and locking down the servers (James’ core focus). In terms of our technology stack, hacking our technology is nearly impossible. It’s made in a way that one, even two people can’t take it down. Brooke will explain more on this in the next, or a future, AMA.

Cole Crypto: Is there any time in the project plan for Pavillion Hub UI improvements?

A: Pavilion Hub was made super quick and without any outside investment or token raise. This is all our own technology, built from the ground up. It’s functional for now and the UI is pretty good, but we know it could be a lot better.

If we do a UI update it would be ideal to have one or two developers working solely on Pavillion UI. We did work on some plans to raise some money, but it didn’t sit right with us, so it was put on hold. We have some cool projects we’re talking to about coming to integrate with Pavillion that may lead to a future fund raise and if that happens then we’ll have a whole team working on Pavillion.

Where to from here?

It’s back to you, the community. We’d like to hear from you all about this consolidation, re-focus and sure’ing up of Phantasma Chain. Are you all onboard with our gaming vision? Do you believe that we’re right to double down on games that we already have? Do you believe that we’re right to focus on stability and security for Phantasma Chain, as priority over new chain features? N.B Any new features for Phantasma should be driven by the needs of developers, and not the other way around, so that the tail doesn’t wag the dog.

Again, one of the big reasons why we even took on this role was because we believe in the strength of the Phantasma Chain community. Even with these past challenges, you’ve stuck with the vision of Phantasma as the destination of gaming on blockchain. In the same way that GOATi has.

For GOATi, this isn’t going to be a cakewalk. As I mentioned, we’re already a busy team. But we’re willing to put in the effort, time, and money to try and make this the success that we all wish it to be. But we can’t do it without you guys. So, are you with us?

Thanks to all those who have taken the time to watch the AMA. We’ll be back soon, with Bill and Brooke in attendance, with another SOTC/AMA to answer the rest of your questions that were put forward and look forward to talking to you all again soon.

Garth Midgley

CEO, GOATi Entertainment and Phantasma