We are excited to announce our group of contributors is expanding with the addition of Chris Eargle to software development. Welcome Chris!

I’m Chris Eargle, and I am excited to join the Phantasma journey, a blockchain platform poised to redefine industry standards in gaming and web3 technologies. With a rich background as a developer and software architect spanning over two decades, I bring with me a wealth of knowledge and connections to help Phantasma continue to grow.

Joining the Phantasma team feels like a natural progression, merging my skills with a platform committed to true decentralization. I’m thrilled to contribute to the future of blockchain innovation, working alongside a team dedicated to building a fast, efficient, and affordable decentralized ecosystem.

My passion for cutting-edge technologies, distributed enterprise solutions, and application security aligns seamlessly with Phantasma’s vision. My goal is to expand and strengthen Phantasma’s platform by providing a robust, dependable, and tested experience for smart contract and integration developers.

As a former Microsoft C# MVP, Telerik Developer Evangelist, and INETA board member, I have championed C# skills, tools, and knowledge around the world. I have been featured at conferences ranging from DevReach Bulgaria to ICCSIT Chengdu to TechEd India. Phantasma is built on the language I know and love, and I can’t wait to share it with my global community.

Here’s to the exciting journey ahead!