We are excited to announce our group of contributors is expanding with the addition of Paul West contributing to software development. Paul has been working with Phantasma for the last couple of weeks, is highly skilled, and brings a wealth of software development experience to Phantasma. Welcome, Paul!

I am Paul West, and I am thrilled to have joined as a contributor to Phantasma, a blockchain platform with the potential to be one of the most significant in the industry. Phantasma’s expansive vision and commitment to true decentralization sets it apart in a market filled with ostensibly decentralized platforms.

In my career spanning over three decades, I’ve worked in academia and as a software developer, across several industries. I started at Kent State University in Ohio, majoring in Computer Science – Math. Post-graduation, I worked in a myriad of sectors, including government, mortgage lending, and telecom hardware/software development, handling computational speed, accuracy, and large datasets. For instance, while working in telecom, I worked with multi-terabyte datasets to accelerate real-time BI analysis across geographically diverse data centers.

My journey into the world of blockchain began in 2017, as an Ethereum miner, running a setup of 16 mining rigs. As I learned more about the technology and its potential, my focus shifted to developing contracts and working on various projects. To date, I’ve worked on over 50 projects, deploying roughly a thousand contracts across multiple blockchains, in roles ranging from consultant and architect to developer.

I first heard about Phantasma during my consultancy stint in 2021-2022, introduced to it by a client (Dok) who spoke passionately about Phantasma’s potential. As a C# developer, I was intrigued. Although we didn’t proceed with the project at the time, the seeds of interest had been sown.

When Dok invited me to become a contributor to Phantasma recently, it felt like the perfect confluence of my skills and interests. With my strong C# background, deep knowledge of large-scale project architecture, and substantial experience with blockchains and large datasets, it felt like the perfect fit. I am excited to apply these skills to a single, cohesive project like Phantasma.

Now, after weeks of understanding the chain’s state, getting acquainted with many other contributors, and identifying challenges, I am convinced that we are on the right path. We’re laying a strong foundation for a truly decentralized platform that’s fast, efficient, affordable, and agile enough to handle the future’s challenges.

I consider it an honor to collaborate on such an incredible project and look forward to what we will build together.

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