Committed to bringing its top-tier talent network to the Phantasma blockchain as part of the recent partnership, Semkhor and its CEO David Shapiro is preparing to expand their blockchain portfolio on Phantasma with multiple additional value adding releases.

Aiming to enrich and deepen the interaction between artist and audience through utilization of Phantasma’s NFT technology, Semkhor’s Crypto initiative is collaborating with a select group of top-tier creators. Their first release brings Kevin Smith’s beloved characters, Jay & Silent Bob, into the Cryptoverse through unique NFT collectibles — one of which provides the owner with an uncuttable crypto cameo in the third installment in the Clerks movie franchise.

Upcoming NFT releases include Dylan McDermott, Marc Anthony, Robert Whitman, Gerardo and Chris Jericho, and the value adding benefits for owners will keep growing. Each project is carefully developed and will include access to games, direct artist interaction, original content and interaction between multiple NFTs from different drops.

Currently, Semkhor is working with Crypto experts to port a wide range of services that will bring the value of decentralized finance into the entertainment industry. Semkhor plans to collaborate with GOATi Entertainment on using the Phantasma blockchain to rapidly bringing this project to market.

As part of this growing product offering, Semkhor plans to hold a TGE on the Phantasma blockchain. In recognition of early supporters, every owner of an NFT developed by Semkhor leading up to the release of its own token will get priority access to participate in this offering.


David Shapiro
CEO, Semkhor


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