Phantasma is pleased to inform you that we listed on yet another exchange!

RocketX is the 1-stop-shop to get the best rates for both on-chain & cross-chain swaps across all leading exchanges via a single intuitive UI.

In short, swap your assets seamlessly across multiple blockchain networks with RocketX cross-chain swap feature. Whether you want to swap BTC to SOUL, ETH to SOUL or many other currencies to SOUL, their platform allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another, on all leading blockchains, without any hassle. Enjoy fast and secure trades with cutting-edge cross-chain swap technology. Please note that the swap is only one-directional for now. You can only swap any supported token for SOUL but RocketX will be bi-directional for SOUL in Q1 2024.

Phantasma takes pride in our security and our recent security audit. RocketX Exchange, security is always at the forefront of their minds too. They’ve undergone multiple security audits and continuously revise their audits with every major update. With RocketX Exchange, you can trade with peace of mind, knowing that your trades are protected by the highest levels of security.

Check out RocketX’s Twitter and Telegram community.

Here’s a overview on RocketX Exchange.

What is RocketX?

RocketX is an advanced, hybrid CEX and DEX aggregator that works like a search engine for users looking for best prices on crypto swaps or trades. Advanced as in it allows users to select the trading platform of their choice by taking into consideration aspects like processing time, security, slippage, protection from MEV, among others.

What are the main benefits of using the RocketX platform?

RocketX = Best Rates (by aggregating all leading CEX & DEX).

RocketX = Interoperability (between 100+ blockchains. 200+ soon).

RocketX = Self Custody (Trade on leading CEXs from your wallet like Metamask)

✨ Your 1-stop-shop for crypto!

  • Easy access to global liquidity of 450+ centralized (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) via a SIngle UI to get you Best Rates with every swap.
  • Interoperability between 100+ leading blockchains (soon 200+ blockchains) where users can transfer Native digital assets with 1-click.
  • Access liquidity on all leading CEXs in a decentralized way via your favourite wallet like Metamask/Trustwallet, while enjoying 100% ownership of your digital assets – Self Custody.
  • Cross-chain + Bridge platform for 20,000+ tokens with support for all leading networks. The objective is to ensure that users can swap any token on any network for any (other) token on any network.
  • Compare CEX + DEX exchange outcomes for best prices and fastest processing.
  • Select/Overrule the chosen best exchange by selecting your own preferred exchange.
  • Swap to Any Wallet: You can receive your destination tokens in any wallet address of your choice.
  • Fully decentralized non-custodial. You keep control over your key and tokens.
  • Low platform fees: Minimal fees compared to the market standards.

Do I need to register/login in?

It’s not mandatory to register to use RocketX. However, registering on RocketX has additional advantages.

How to start using the RocketX platform?

Step 1: Decide what kind of swap you want to do: Swap (Single-chain), Cross-chain, or a Bridge. And select the combination of network & tokens.
Step 2: Select the source token and network.
Step 3: Enter the amount of tokens you want to swap.
Step 4: Select the destination token and network.
Step 5: Let the app do the magic & display quotes from all leading exchanges for you to analyze the results in the exchange comparison section.
Step 6: If you are happy with the results… Click on the blue button “Connect Wallet” and follow the easy steps to confirm your transaction. (If you prefer another exchange, just click inside the comparison section on the line for that particular exchange, the swap widget will change and give the results for that particular exchange).
Note: you can do steps 2 up to step 4 in any order. And you can connect your wallet earlier (especially handy if you want to select the maximum number of tokens you hold in your wallet)

Has RocketX gone through audits?

RocketX Exchange has undergone multiple security audits done by Zokyo and Network Intelligence. With every major update, we revise our audits. RocketX is a decentralized non-custodial platform. Users have full control over their digital assets via self-custody. A user has to confirm each transaction via his wallet.

Is KYC compulsory?

For Fiat to Crypto, they work with partners like Transak/Onramper & KYC is mandatory.

For Crypto-Crypto Swaps it depends on whether the swap is routed via CEX or a DEX:

For DEX transactions: KYC is not required and there is no limit on transaction volume routed via DEX.

For CEX transactions: KYC is not required as long as your swaps via CEX do not cross daily limits.

Where do I get a wallet?

Phantasma has different options to best suit your needs, you can learn about Phantasma Wallets here.

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