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Ever since the initial R&D completed, Phantasma has maintained a solid track record of quality product delivery, bringing some of the most advanced blockchain technology powered products to market. October 2019 marked an important milestone in the evolution of Phantasma, seeing the launch of our custom built and feature packed Phantasma mainnet. With built in oracle functionality, decentralized storage capabilities, NFT support and cross chain interoperability built into the core of the chain, a powerful set of tools were immediately available to third party developers. The Phantasma SDK enabled indie game studios and dApp developers to start blockchain enabling their software, taking advantage of the host of powerful features and extremely low transaction fees.


ETH xChain

Phantasma 2.0

NFT Marketplace

Smart NFTs

dApp Connector

Ecto Wallet xChain

UX Improvements

Performance Enhancements


SOULdiering on, the 1,5-2 years since has seen Phantasma deliver full support for bidirectional cross chain asset swapping between the Phantasma mainnet and both the Neo and Ethereum blockchains. Hundreds of major and minor upgrades have taken place leading to continuously improved user experience and quality of life. Along with a multitude of improvements aimed at optimized chain performance and robustness, these efforts culminated in the release of Phantasma 2.0 in December 2020. A central part of Phantasma 2.0 was the release of a fully revamped Smart NFT standard, adding a number of world first NFT capabilities to the toolbox wielded by game and dApp developers on Phantasma. Adding to the powerful standalone Poltergeist wallet, the Metamask like cross chain wallet Ecto gave users a wider range of options for storing their assets, staking and using the growing Phantasma ecosystem.


Customized NFT Marketplaces

NFT Self Minting


Fiat Onboarding


The world’s first cross chain NFT marketplace – born and bred on Phantasma by a developer group that’s also part of the core developer team at Phantasma – burst onto the scene in July 2020 with full support for Phantasma Smart NFTs. Releasing the uMint NFT self-minting service in December 2020, GhostMarket has given artists around the world a set of powerful yet easy to use tools to help make their creations come to life on the blockchain. Wielding the rare combination of surprisingly low fees with more features than any other existing NFT marketplace, GhostMarket aims to dominate the NFT trading sphere.

2021 & Beyond

Game Platform

Award-Winning Games

Blockchain Powered

Steam Integrated

NFT Driven

Credit Card, PayPal & Crypto Onboarding


Fully integrated with Phantasma and Steam, the Phantasma powered game hub Pavillion was released in June 2020 by Australian game studio GOATi. Starting with their flagship RTS racing game 22nd Century Racing Series, Pavillion continues to steadily onboard award winning games powered by Phantasma Smart NFTs. Any user can easily add their entire Steam library of games to Pavillion to make it a one-stop launch pad for their favourite entertainment. With direct credit card purchases and PayPal available, as well as accepting SOUL and dozens of other cryptocurrencies, Pavillion is positioning itself as a supremely powerful growth catalyst for the Phantasma ecosystem.

The journey…

Phantasma development is agile, and our emphasis on listening to community feedback has prompted both feature additions and pivots along the way. The below items are our top priorities going forward, and will be delivered one by one, as soon as they are feature complete. Expect additional announcements and releases along the way, as much of what is happening cannot be announced until third parties approve. Onboarding dApp creators and enterprises building on Phantasma is a primary and permanent objective that will receive significant focus and resource allocations throughout 2021 and in the coming years.

…has just…

  • Full integration with Binance Smart Chain, bidirectional cross chain swapping of assets
  • Cross chain incentivization of liquidity provisioning
  • Phantasma dMail dApp release
  • Phantasma on-chain chat functionality


  • Katacomb dApp release
  • Nachomen 2.0 dApp release
  • Minimon dApp release
  • Clink dApp release
  • Enterprise Solutions

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