R Games (a subsidiary company of Fabwelt Studios) have announced they will join the Phantasma ecosystem through the integration of their flagship racing game, R Games. This brilliant gaming studio has big plans for their racing game which will fully embrace Web3 and utilize Phantasma technology to achieve their vision. The R Games team are pursuing a vision of being a top tier, AAA blockchain racing and collection game that is fully decentralized for their audience.

Closing the Gaps in Web3 Games with Phantasma

 The R Games team also recognizes the current gaps that exist within the blockchain gaming industry. Creating diverse and engaging gaming experiences with superior graphics and gameplay mechanics are at the forefront of their development mission. R Games have investigated several blockchain solutions and found that Phantasma meets all the creative technical requirements for them to close those gaps and build the best game possible for gamers.

Several key points were identified by R Games that Phantasma succeeds where others could not deliver to meet their expectations. Rubina Naaz, Co-Founder, identified that Phantasma being an L1 built in C#, its Smart NFT technology, low-cost transactions, eco-friendly platform and its decentralized ethos as major considerations for them choosing to integrate with Phantasma. Find out what R Games has to say about Phantasma here on MEDIUM!

R Games is a Racing Game Experience for Web3

R Games is a P2E, PvE/PvP/Multiplayer endless mobile multi-vehicle stimulating racing game universe. Players can select single player story mode, street racing mode, formula R racing mode and several more options being planned. Diverse racing content will keep the game play fresh and interesting as the player advances. A wide range of customizable NFT vehicle assets will be available with a multitude of upgradeable options. The primary objective is to create an expansive environment with creative options to make the gaming experience fun to play.  

There is also the opportunity for players to Play and Earn and utilize the $RGame in-game self-sustaining ecosystem economy. This also includes a unique Rental System allowing players to rent out their customized NFTs for 30% of the earnings generated. Additional features include Rent-to-Own allowing players to gradually purchase the NFT they are renting to eventually owning that NFT. Insurance options will also be available that protect players from any damage or loss during the rental period. This generates a high degree of inclusive opportunity for players both earning passive income and the ability for all players to play the game who want to play without the full upfront expense.  

Phantasma Technology is Ready to Transform Web3 Gaming 

​Phantasma is an open source, decentralized platform with many amazing features including its very own Phantasma AI, welcomes all projects to investigate Phantasma’s capabilities just like R Games has done. Web3 gaming will transform game play towards unique and fun elements for gamers and provide developers the full control and tools to achieve this transformation. Phantasma is excited to see the transformational results by the R Games team and create a truly fun game for all to play. R Games will be available on Windows, Mac, IOS and Android.

Checkout the R Games Trailer:


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