We encourage all SOULdiers to consider contributing to the liquidity pools on PancakeSwap. The higher liquidity SOUL and KCAL has on these exchanges, the more attractive they are to traders discovering Phantasma. As with Uniswap, all liquidity providers share in the trading fees for the pools, proportionate to your share of the liquidity pool.

How to provide liquidity on PancakeSwap

Providing liquidity on PancakeSwap is similar to providing liquidity on Uniswap V2, and quite straightforward. To provide liquidity you will need to supply amounts of SOUL/KCAL and BNB that are of equal value (for example $500 worth of SOUL to $500 worth of BNB). In return for your liquidity contribution, you will automatically receive liquidity provider tokens (“LP tokens”) which constitute your proof that you own the tokens that you contributed to the pool, and can be used to redeem your share of the liquidity pool at any time. The steps to provide liquidity are as follows:

1 – Export your HEX private key from Poltergeist or Ecto wallet.

    • For Poltergeist, log in to your wallet, select [Account] — [Manage Account] — [Export Private Key] — [HEX]
    • For Ecto, click the dropdown menu next to your wallet address — Click the three vertical dots — Choose [Export private key] — Enter your wallet password — Select and copy the HEX private key (all upper case letters and numbers)

2 – Import the HEX private key into Metamask

3 – Point your browser to PancakeSwap.Finance
4 – Click [Connect Wallet] and choose MetaMask. If you are new to Binance Smart Chain, approve the switch from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain
5 – Click [Trade] and then [Liquidity] in the menu on the left side
6 – Click [Add Liquidity]
7 – Click [Select a currency], [Manage tokens], [Tokens] and import both the SOUL and KCAL contract addresses – SOUL contract address: 0x298Eff8af1ecEbbB2c034eaA3b9a5d0Cc56c59CD – KCAL contract address: 0x855EA8048E1852996429A50aBdA60F583909d298
8 – Choose SOUL or KCAL as the first input currency, BNB as the second. Input the amount of SOUL or KCAL that you want to contribute to the liquidity pool, the BNB amount needed will then autocomplete. Click [Enable KCAL] if applicable
9 – Confirm that you want to add liquidity — by clicking [Supply] and confirming the transaction request. Once the transaction completes, your tokens will have been added to the liquidity pool and you will automatically receive LP tokens in return to prove your ownership of a share in this specific liquidity pool

A note on impermanent loss

It is important to note that on AMM based DEXes like Uniswap and PancakeSwap, liquidity pool contributions are subject to a phenomenon called impermanent loss. Briefly summarized, this means that the balance of SOUL/KCAL and BNB you contribute will shift according to the relative price of each token. If SOUL becomes relatively more worth than BNB compared to when you contributed liquidity, some of your SOUL will be converted to BNB, and vice verse. The same mechanism applies to KCAL.

The risk of impermanent loss is offset through two mechanisms; the sharing of trading fees, and Phantasma’s liquidity incentivization mechanism, Phantasma Pharming.

Your Phantasma Team and the Phantom Force