Welcome to the Phantasma cross chain asset swapping tutorials. These tutorials will guide you step by step through every detail necessary to ensure a successful cross chain asset swap using our wallets Poltergeist and Ecto.

Please note: All cross-chain swaps between Phantasma and other blockchains are currently suspended pending completion of multiple security audits.

Please stay tuned to our Telegram community and announcements channel to catch the latest news on when cross-chain swaps will reopen.

Mind that if you do not have a Phantasma wallet or wallet address yet, we recommend starting out by downloading the wallet of your choice — Poltergeist for a standalone desktop wallet application that’s also available for Android, or our browser extension wallet Ecto which has that familiar Metamask feeling for Ethereum users. For a quick guide on wallet creation, backing up private keys and other basic things, check out the Poltergeist Basics tutorial or the Ecto Basics tutorial.

1.1 Your Phantasma wallet

You will first see your Phantasma wallet, click on Balances to see your current balance. As this is your first time creating a wallet, you will find that there are no funds to show yet; all will be empty.

A newly generated Poltergeist wallet ready to receive funds

The Poltergeist wallet holds a Neo wallet in the account you have created in the first step. This wallet uses the same private key as your Phantasma mainnet wallet. You will need to have funds in your Neo wallet to prepare for the token swap. Phantasma requires at least 0.0011 of the Neo $GAS token to be sent to your Neo wallet to perform the token swap to Phantasma. In the top left corner — see picture below — you can switch to the Neo wallet. Please do so in this step.

Switch to your Neo wallet. Neo addresses begin with “A…”

In case you don’t have any tokens in your Neo wallet yet, you will need to send Neo SOUL tokens to the Neo Wallet (address begins with “A”) and also a drop of Neo $GAS. Make sure you are in the Neo wallet and send tokens from your usual Neo wallet (or Kucoin) to this address.

To acquire tokens you can go and purchase the Neo version (NEP5) of SOUL from KuCoinSend your SOUL tokens to your wallet and remember that each chain’s address begins with a different character:

  • NEO addresses begin with “A…”.
  • Phantasma addresses begin with “P…”.
  • Ethereum addresses begin with “0x…”.

NOTE: Be absolutely sure to send some Neo $GAS to this wallet, as it is required to hold at least 0.0011 GAS in the Neo wallet to perform the token swap.

Neo SOUL and Neo GAS funds have arrived in the Neo wallet

2.1 Transfer SOUL

After performing the above steps and having funds in your Neo wallet, you can now transfer your Neo SOUL to the Phantasma mainnet wallet. Remember that you need some Neo GAS for the swap to work.

When you find yourself in the screen below, copy and paste your Phantasma wallet address, or choose Swap to Pha from the dropdown list and your Phantasma address will auto populate.

Choose “Swap to Pha” or input your Phantasma wallet “P…” address.

You can now enter the amount of SOUL tokens you want to swap. If your goal is to stake and become a Soul Master (stake 50k SOUL) but you don’t have any KCAL in your Phantasma wallet yet, be sure to send 1 extra SOUL.

Click Confirm after you have entered the amount of SOUL you want to swap.

How much Neo SOUL do you want to swap to Phantasma SOUL?

You will need to authorize all transactions in the wallet with your password. Enter your password here in order to proceed with the swap. In the screenshot below we are going to swap 2 Neo SOUL into Phantasma SOUL.

Input your password to authorize the transaction

Please confirm your transfer. If everything looks right to you, click Send.

Confirm that your transaction details are correct
Confirming the transaction on the Phantasma blockchain

When you get the success notification, your Neo SOUL has been swapped to Phantasma SOUL in your Phantasma wallet.

The swap was successful

You may occasionally get an error with the following text:

Something went wrong when confirming. The transaction might have been successful. Check back later.

When that happens, the transaction most likely went through. You can restart the wallet and find your tokens in your Phantasma “P…” wallet, ready to be claimed.

Click in the top left corner to switch to your Phantasma wallet.

Switch between various blockchains in your Poltergeist wallet

NOTE: it might take a few minutes for your SOUL to show up. Nothing to worry about; a simple Refresh should do the trick.

In the Phantasma wallet, you should see the amount of swapped SOUL as pending. To release your tokens on the Phantasma blockchain, click Claim.

Click claim to receive your SOUL tokens
Click Yes to receive the pending Phantasma SOUL into your Phantasma wallet

Congrats! You have now completed the swap from Neo SOUL to Phantasma SOUL! You can now find your Phantasma SOUL in your wallet, ready to stake!

Your SOUL has been swapped between blockchains and arrived in your wallet

3.1 — You need Neo GAS.

If you want to swap back from Phantasma SOUL to Neo SOUL, you must have at least 0.1 Neo GAS in your Phantasma wallet to cover the swap fee. Otherwise the swap will not work. You can swap GAS from your Neo wallet to your Phantasma wallet, exactly like you swapped your Neo SOUL to Phantasma SOUL. Perform the steps in section 2, but choose GAS instead of SOUL.

If you read step 3.1 and acted accordingly, you should now have some GAS in your Phantasma wallet. Remember that the swap will fail if you do not have GAS.

In order to perform the swap from Phantasma SOUL to Neo SOUL, make sure you are in your Phantasma wallet and click Send next to your SOUL.

You need Neo GAS in your Phantasma wallet to swap Phantasma SOUL back to Neo SOUL

You need to enter a destination address or choose #Swap to Neo” from the dropdown list.

Use the dropdown menu “Swap to Neo” option for convenience

Input the amount of SOUL you want to swap and click Confirm.

How many SOUL would you like to swap?

You will need to authorize all transactions in the wallet with your password. Enter your password here and click Confirm in order to proceed with the swap.

Input your password to authorize the transaction

You will now see the specifics of your transaction one more time. Please confirm the details and proceed to the next step by clicking Send.

Confirm the transaction details
Swap successful

You have now completed the swap from Phantasma to Neo. To claim your Neo SOUL, first go to your Neo wallet by choosing it in the upper left corner.

Switch between various blockchains in your Poltergeist wallet

When you are in the Neo wallet, you will find that you have SOUL pending. Click Claim.

Claim your pending SOUL
Confirm that you want to claim your SOUL
Your SOUL has arrived in your NEO wallet

If you have questions or need technical support please join our Telegram community.

Happy swapping,

The Phantasma Team