Poltergeist Lite

  • Mainnet-only wallet
  • Features an intuitive, fun, retro, arcade User Experience.
  • Simple but so very powerful and damn fast!

Get Started

Current versions can be found here: https://github.com/phantasma-io/PoltergeistLite/releases

Migration from old Poltergeist wallet

All accounts can be exported from old Poltergeist wallet through “Manage” form available on main screen.

  • To export accounts from old Poltergeist wallet press “Export” button and enter password to encrypt exported accounts. Then press “Confirm” to store exported accounts in the clipboard.
  • To import accounts to Poltergeist Lite wallet, switch to Poltergeist Lite wallet, press “Manage” on main screen and then press “Import”. Paste exported accounts from clipboard and press “Confirm”. You will need to enter password which you used in the previous step. You will be presented with a list of accounts being imported, press “Confirm”.

Community Contribution

The Phantasma repository is open to community contribution via pull requests. We will always assist anyone that wishes to contribute to improving Poltergeist Lite.