Hey everyone!

We are very happy to be able to announce that the long awaited iOS release of Poltergeist has come to be! And not only that, iOS was the first operating system to enjoy the significantly upgraded v2.5 of Poltergeist with a host of improvements delivered by our tireless developers. In the following we will skim through the most important changes and feature additions.

Binance Smart Chain support

It is a by now public secret that our developers are hard at work integrating Phantasma support for yet another growing blockchain ecosystem — the Binance Smart Chain. While we are still in the process of testing the integration before Phantasma — BSC swaps go live, we have already integrated wallet support for the Binance Smart Chain. Hit that little button at the top left of your Poltergeist screen and you’ll find your existing BSC wallet — naturally using the exact same private key as your Phantasma, Ethereum and NEO counterparts to keep it simple for you.

Poltergeist v2.5 – Now with Binance Smart Chain support!

Additional password modes — you choose

Several additional password modes have been implemented to provide additional degrees of user freedom. Gone are the days where you either choose to forego a password altogether or input it to confirm every single wallet action. You can now also choose the following options:

  • Single password input when opening the wallet, no need to input password again to confirm actions within the wallet
  • Master password mode: Require password only when launching the applications, one password for all your wallets, no need to enter additional passwords after launching the application

Choose your preferred balance between comfort and security

Please do note that we do not recommend lowering your wallet security through limiting the types of actions that prompt password confirmation.

However, we recognize that adding these additional options will improve the user experience and ability to choose a level of security that the individual SOULdier is comfortable with.

Seed phrase upgrades — one seed for all your wallets

We have upgraded our seed phrase handling to be MetaMask compatible to further increase the seamlessness transitioning between Ethereum and Phantasma wallets and blockchain usage.

Adding to this, a single seed phrase can now — through cryptographic magic and playing with elliptic curves — be used to derive an unlimited number of wallets. A new user will only have to securely back up a single seed phrase, regardless of how many wallets he or she wishes to create.

Create an unlimited number of wallets from a single seed phrase

Recognizing that experienced, heavy users of the chain and of Poltergeist may wish to take a shortcut here and there, we have also added a time-saving simplified seed verification mode. To protect novice users this option is naturally turned off by default. To similarly protect users we have made sure that the account being created is not saved if the seed verification process is interrupted.

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Enjoy the ecosystem!

The Phantasma Team