The period to submit Voting Proposals has come to an end.

We now have 5 Voting Proposals that go to the next phase of the voting process which is a consultation period. During this period the community has the opportunity to comment on the Voting Proposals and put forward suggestions for change. This gives the proposer the chance to fine-tune his proposal which might result in a higher chance for the proposal to be adopted. Please note that ultimately it is the proposer who decides whether or not to accept suggested changes.

Each of the 5 Voting Proposals has its own topic within the Phantasma Governance Telegram Channel. A Voting Proposal topic starts with VP followed by the name of the proposal. Comments and suggestions must be posted within the applicable topic.

Once the consultation period is over, the proposer will post the final version of his Voting Proposal after which no further changes are allowed.

The next step will be the voting process itself. Further instructions on how to vote will be published closer to the voting date.

We consider Phantasma Voting a major step towards true decentralization.


Power to the Phantasma Community!


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