Following the announcement of the Phantasma Request For Voting Suggestions, we now put out a Request For Voting Proposals (RFVP).

This is the first time that we conduct a vote and given the Phantasma Stakers DAO the opportunity to decide on important issues. This is a learning process that might result in the voting process being adjusted to adapt to what seems to be the most effective and efficient way to conduct the vote.

A number of high-quality voting suggestions have been posted and discussed. The time has come to move to the next step, where formal voting proposals must be posted on the newly created Phantasma Governance channel.

Please read the Guidelines prior to posting your Voting Proposal.

Each post must begin with “Voting Proposal”.

It must contain:

  • The benefit for Phantasma if your proposal is adopted,
  • A detailed description of how this proposal should be executed.

The proposal can contain one or more ways to address the issue. 


  • “Increase the transaction cost by a factor of 10”,
  • “Increase the transaction cost by a factor of 10” and “triple the burn rate”.

Keep in mind that when a proposal contains more ways to address an issue, then it could be seen as an attractive comprehensive proposal or someone might not like part of the proposal and not vote for it as a result. 

The Community will be given two weeks to post voting proposals. The voting proposal period starts at the moment of this announcement on Telegram and closes exactly two weeks later.

Once a Voting Proposal has been assigned its own section within Telegram, a consultation period will begin where community members are given the opportunity to comment on the proposal. This allows for the creator of the Voting Proposal to respond to comments or concerns and might result in adjustments to the Voting Proposal. 

We consider Phantasma Voting a major step towards true decentralization. 

Power to the Phantasma Community!

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