Phantasma is proud to announce our strategic partnership with DeFi insurance provider PolkaCover, a part of our ongoing efforts to bridge the Phantasma and Polkadot ecosystems!

PolkaCover is building the first insurance marketplace for securing crypto, DeFi & NFT assets for retail crypto users, and will be providing crypto focused and other types of insurance products backed by both traditional and decentralized insurance providers.

Building on Polkadot, PolkaCover futher plans to connect users and multinational insurance providers with all global insurance products, including but not limited to crypto related protections, health, life, education and family insurance plans.

Utilizing tokenized incentives and next gen blockchain technology, PolkaCover’s platform aims to offer a frictionless insurance marketplace!

The Phantasma and PolkaCover teams have assessed the risks inherent to the growing NFT markets, both current and future, and will be working to create innovative new products built around the NFT marketplace.

Among these products is protection against impermanent value loss for NFTs, enabling an opt-in at the minting stage to protect the value of NFTs for creators.

This partnership also represents the first public step in Phantasma’s work to open our ecosystem to Polkadot dApps and users!

To interoperability and cross chain collaborations,

The Phantasma Team