Dear SOULdiers,

We are incredibly proud to announce that Specky is going to Hollywood! Phantasma has entered into a mutually beneficial long term growth partnership with Semkhor Networks, Inc.

Semkhor — the stars are aligned

Semkhor is a media and technology company focused on digital content production and distribution, and provides consulting services centered on integrating the entertainment industry into a wide range of content development projects. Focused on creating original content and providing clients with strategies to succeed in the media and entertainment industry, Semkhor brings together a top-tier talent network. Combining extensive knowledge of the internet, remote collaboration and comprehensive production & VFX capabilities, Semkhor has the ability to forge commercial, community, government, and academic alliances.

We are collaborating on cutting edge NFTs that push the boundaries of this new medium. Our first release is an April 28th launch, working with industry icon Kevin Smith to bring his beloved characters, Jay & Silent Bob, into the Cryptoverse through unique NFTs — one of which will provide the owner with a cameo in the third installment in the Clerks movie franchise. We will also be offering a teaser NFT for his movie KILLROY WAS HERE leading up to a groundbreaking release of the film on a single NFT. Over the next several months we will be releasing NFTs with Heavy Metal Magazine, Dylan McDermott, Marc Anthony, Robert Whitman, and Gerardo.

Kevin Smith’s upcoming Killroy horror movie

Semkhor only partners with the best

When asked why Semkhor chose to approach and partner with Phantasma among the multitude of blockchain projects out there, CEO David Shapiro of Semkhor had a simple answer:

“Phantasma offers all the benefits and cutting edge tech of a blockchain with an incredible management and development team. We were looking for a platform that would allow us to develop cutting edge content — and Phantasma is able to deliver an infrastructure, a management and development team, and a feature set that unlocks the potential of our artistic and commercial goals. Working with Phantasma allows us to bring a wide range of recognized content creators into the Cryptoverse.” – David Shapiro, CEO Semkhor Networks, Inc.

The flexibility found within the Phantasma management and development team, and the eminent creators of GhostMarket, has already proven fruitful. Multiple customizations and adaptions to fulfill Semkhor’s vision have been implemented, and Semkhor’s GhostMarket powered NFT marketplace has been developed as a joint effort between Semkhor, Phantasma and the GhostMarket developers.

Hollywood is coming to Phantasma

Throughout our extensive initial collaboration with Semkhor, the vast reach and multitude of interesting and valuable connections has convinced the Phantasma team beyond a shadow of a doubt that Semkhor can bring tremendous value to our brand and our ecosystem. Through onboarding well known actors, artists and movie franchises we intend to significantly grow the number of active SOULdiers and draw massive attention to GhostMarket and the Phantasma Smart NFT capabilities.

Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith is bringing Smokin’ Tokens to Phantasma

We expect this to have positive ripple effects, growing the followings of and attention received by our current and future artists and musicians sharing their work on Phantasma. In addition, this will grow the potential user base of all new Phantasma dApps launching this year.

How about a cameo in Kevin Smith’s movie Clerks III — exclusively available through this NFT?

Starting out with our collaboration on the highly anticipated Kevin Smith NFT launch focused on Jay & Silent Bob, Killroy and Clerks III, we already have plans for a whole series of additional NFT launches to follow — including some world firsts and never before seen implementations of NFT technology in a mainstream context.


And the Academy Award goes to… Specky!

Your Phantasma Team