Dear SOULdiers!

It is with great pleasure we announce the smoking fresh partnership between Grow Your Base and Phantasma & GhostMarket! An on-ramp to simplify building NFT portfolios, Grow Your Base recognizes Phantasma and GhostMarket as one of the top NFT projects available and aims to introduce their members to what Phantasma has to offer.

GrowYourBase (GYB) is an online earn & education platform where users can LEARN about available digital assets, ENGAGE with digital asset companies to socialize their experience and EARN credits to acquire valuable digital assets available on the GYB platform without having to spend any of their own money.

Low threshold and inclusive, GYB helps users build their NFT portfolios

Taking a novel approach to NFTs and asset ownership, GYB allows anyone with internet access to earn NFT collectibles, U.S. real estate, and hundreds of other value-backed tokenized assets. Aiming to democratize asset ownership by tethering traditional financial products to futuristic digital assets, a key design focus of GYB is to ensure inclusivity that directly reaches the unbanked.

Recognizing that ETH gas fees are currently making most ETH based NFT projects unusable for the average person, their search for better alternatives brought them to Phantasma and GhostMarket.

Being built with advanced NFT technology at its core, Phantasma natively supports an incredible array of features making NFTs truly Smart. Multi layered NFTs, nested NFTs, timed NFTs, multi asset infusion, on-demand minting, batch minting and more — Phantasma Smart NFTs are second to none. Combined with low costs, high capacity and fast transactions, more and more projects, artists and game developers are looking to Phantasma as the solution to their technical needs.

Some of the Phantasma Smart NFT features

Being the first ever cross-chain NFT marketplace, GhostMarket allows users to discover, buy and sell NFTs living on both the NEO and Phantasma blockchains. Constantly adding new features, the team behind GhostMarket is actively expanding their team to meet the incredible demand they’ve been experiencing despite having launched less than two months ago.

Cross chain — user friendly — growing rapidly. Welcome to GhostMarket!

In celebration of the partnership between GYB, Phantasma and GhostMarket, the well known Phantasma based artist MagusZ has created exclusive art pieces for the GYB Community.

MagusZ’ exclusive GYB X Phantasma X GhostMarket celebratory artwork

Sign up for a GYB Membership today to receive one of these exclusive pieces in your GYB Portfolio during their next drop!

NFTs are changing the game,

Your Phantasma Team