We are incredibly excited to announce the latest game studio to partner up with Phantasma — Amazu Media! Building on years of experience working for legends like Image Comics and DC comics — and prior success in onboarding 50,000 gamers for the cult game Light Apprentice in 2014–2017 — Amazu Media and cult artist iggynore are back for more!

Recognizing the incredible power of Phantasma’s Smart NFTs and blockchain functionality, iggynore and Amazu Media were able to conclude their search for a suitable blockchain backend. The combination of a developer friendly environment, agile development focus and powerful custom built chain features made Phantasma a perfect fit for the upcoming Ghost Festival game!

Ghost Festival game characters — coming to a GhostMarket near you!

An addictive and competitive casual game featuring NFT powered digital asset ownership, Ghost Festival allows gamers to truly own what they earn, collecting or trading their in-game assets as they please. With cult artist iggynore’s unique artistic abilities, Ghost Festival will provide uniquely attractive visuals combined with engaging gameplay for hordes of mobile gamers!

Besides Ghost Festival, iggynore is releasing a series of exclusive art NFTs on GhostMarket. The series will be a homage to game, anime and comics characters that have inspired him over the years, all in his peculiar chibi style. Since 7 is iggynore’s lucky number, each artwork in this series will be limited to only 7 copies. The NFTs can be acquired on GhostMarket, and traded in Ethereum markets in the future when Phantasma implements cross chain swapping of NFTs from Phantasma to Ethereum and vice-versa.

Look out for iggynore’s limited edition artwork on GhostMarket

For gamers wondering which types of games Amazu Media may share part of their user base with, iggynore mentions Axie Infinity due to the similarity in business model and casual nature, as well as Blankos Block Party which brings a similar theme of designer toy-inspired characters to their game world. Recognized for its quality and gamer appeal, their previous game Light Apprentice nominated by Famitsu Magazine for best mobile game prize at Tokyo Game show 2014, and also nominated for best storytelling at Casual Connect 2014. On their upcoming Ghostly adventure, iggynore’s and Amazu’s unique approach is set to impress the audience at both the Copenhagen Comics convention and the Tokyo Game Show!

Only 7 of each of iggynore’s artwork will ever be available as Phantasma Smart NFTs

Also in 2021, Amazu will be releasing Light Apprentice Volume 2, the long awaited sequel for the cult game that mixes comic book and game in a way never seen before — an event that is expected to draw significant attention to iggynore and the Amazu brand!

You play the Ghost Festival as a Ghost avatar and set out to hunt down and trap monsters, haunts and aberrations to send them back to the realm of the dead. To get started gamers buy a Ghost game character and a Hammer, both available through GhostMarket initially, as well as additional platforms like OpenSea when Phantasma’s cross chain NFT swapping capabilities go live.

Spookycute as can be, your Ghosts are fully customizable!

The avatars are fully customizable, allowing gamers to change everything from their character’s hair and eye to their costumes and accessories. Augmenting the in-game economy, gamers are even able to upgrade their items with in-game currency and resell them later at GhostMarket. And as if you even had to wonder, SOUL is of course planned to be the main purchasing and trading currency of Ghost Festival!

iggynore’s peculiar chibi style NFT artwork, a homage to game, anime and comics characters

For that engaging social element, teams of Ghosts can cooperate, see each other’s avatars and compete against each other on worldwide leaderboards. Even cross-platform gameplay across desktop and mobile devices is planned for, with game-changing cross-game interoperability to allow gamers to use their in-game assets in other dApps and games Amazu will partner with in the future. As one of many measure to keep gamers engaged over time, there will be monthly events unlocking time-limited items and prizes all year round.

Creating the game in Unity and coming from a place of light-hearted and fun entertainment, Amazu touches something at the very core of Phantasma. Being serious about delivering fun, Amazu’s mission to create meaningful and innovative entertainment to a broad audience finds its natural home on Phantasma. No doubt Specky himself will find his way to the leaderboards! And who knows — maybe Specky’s hammer, through the Ghost Festival monster grind, will be the most sought after GhostMarket NFT of them all?

From one Ghost to another,

Your Phantasma Team