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Getting Tokens – Using our Wallets – Spending, Trading & Staking your Tokens – Collect & Trade NFTs

Welcome to the Phantasma tutorials. These tutorials will guide you step-by-step through basic wallet functionality as well as seamless cross chain asset swapping to ensure a smooth user experience using our wallet Poltergeist and Ecto.

For a quick guide on wallet creation, backing up private keys and other basic things, check out the Poltergeist and Ecto basic functionality tutorials. When you are comfortable with the basics, head over to the cross chain swapping tutorials and perform user friendly blockchain magic.

Ready to get some SOUL & KCAL?

SOUL powers the entire Phantasma ecosystem through staking, storage allocations, securing your Phantasma ID and governing the evolution of the blockchain. Staking SOUL earns you KCAL every single day. KCAL fuels your everyday Phantasma Experience, and is required for every action performed, from sending transactions to minting Smart NFTs

Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Poltergeist Wallet

Ecto Wallet

Get your Phantasma Wallet!

The highly advanced and fully featured Poltergeist wallet is the preferred wallet choice for Phantasma users.

Get Your Phantasma Wallet!

Curious about NFTs? Create your own Phantasma Smart NFT!

Head over to GhostMarket’s Self Minting Studio uMint and bring your music or artwork to life today

Test the functionality – feel the speed – experience the affordability!

Creator’s Guide
Create Magic now!

Writer’s Lounge

The Phantasma Writer’s Lounge is a team dedicated to writing news and articles related to the Phantasma Ecosystem

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