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Choose the currencies you would like to swap


Paste the crypto wallet address you will use


Send the deposit to the address generated for you


Receive Your Coins shortly, then Stake!

Houdini Swap

If you any questions regarding your swap, feel free to contact Houdini Swap Customer Support directly on Telegram.

Up and running since July 2022 and with more than $55M in assets divided across more than 22,000 swaps flowing through their routing system, HoudiniSwap has experienced a net total of zero hacks, zero lost transactions, and a whole lot of happy users. With a growth rate week over week of approximately 20% for both users and swap volume, HoudiniSwap is proving to be an ambitious contender in the exchange space.

Check out HoudiniSwap’s Twitter and Telegram communities, and join the movement at

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The highly advanced and fully featured Poltergeist wallet is the preferred wallet choice for Phantasma users.

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Writer’s Lounge

The Phantasma Writer’s Lounge is a team dedicated to writing news and articles related to the Phantasma Ecosystem

I’m a Developer, where do I go now?

Phantasma offers technical support for individual developers and studios alike who are interested in becoming a part of the growing Phantasma ecosystem and unleashing the built-in power of our feature rich blockchain and Phantasma NFTs. Register today to become part of our ecosystem!

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