Following the announcement of the Phantasma Voting Process, we now put out a Request For Voting Suggestions (RFVS).

This request will be posted on the Phantasma Telegram channel.

Everyone is invited to suggest topics for the first Phantasma Vote. Phantasma Voting is an important next step to true decentralization, where ultimately Phantasma is owned and governed by the Phantasma Community members who have staked SOUL and who are automatically members of the Phantasma Stakers DAO.

Everyone (even non-members of the Phantasma Stakers DAO) can post a voting suggestion, but only those who are members of the Phantasma Stakers DAO will be able to vote.

Suggestions must be posted on the Phantasma Telegram channel. Each post must begin with RFVS.

It must contain

  1. The topic for the vote 
  2. The benefit for Phantasma if your suggestion is adopted
  3. A detailed description of how this topic should be executed
  4. The potential voting answers, which can be simple yes/no or more specific answers

The level of detail is important for a number of reasons

  1. Your suggestion will be looked at in more detail by other community members and might start a conversation on Telegram that could add more detail to your suggestion, potentially  resulting in a higher-quality suggestion
  2. Your suggestion will have a higher chance of being the suggestion that will win the formal vote in the next step determining the suggestion that will be voted on
  3. Your suggestion might be retained for the next vote if it does not win the formal vote in the next step determining the suggestion that will be voted on
  4. The Community Managers (who in the next step will formulate the voting question of the chosen topic, the potential answers and what type of majority is required for the vote outcome to be binding) are given a detailed suggestion that will enable them to deliver a comprehensive voting proposal that will go to a vote

The Community will be given two weeks to present and discuss voting suggestions. The voting suggestion period starts at the moment of this announcement on Telegram and closes exactly two weeks later.

After this, preparations will start to get everything ready for the vote to determine which of the suggestions will be chosen to vote on.

These preparations will include

  1. Collating all suggestions in one document
  2. Technical preparations for the vote
  3. Voting education that will provide potential voters with information on how to be eligible to vote and everything in relation to the actual voting process

We consider Phantasma Voting a major step towards true decentralization. 

Power to the Phantasma Community!

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