1st Prize: 2000 SOUL + 1 Crown
2nd Prize: 1500 SOUL + 1500 KCAL
3rd Prize: 1000 SOUL
4th-6th Prize: 1000 KCAL

The Phantasma Meme challenge begins Friday 6th of January & will run for three weeks on our Twitter page.

Closing times for submissions will be 5:00PM UTC on 27th January 2023.
1. You must be following @PhantasmaChain on Twitter
2. Tweet your Meme challenge entry using the cashtag $SOUL and use the hashtag #PhantasmaMeme
4. Enter as many times as you like

Your meme can be anything Phantasma related. A panel of judges will view all eligible submissions throughout the meme competition and will narrow the field down to six that qualify for consideration. A second round of judging will then determine the top three. Prizes winners will be announced in reverse order and all prize money will be awarded within 72 hours from the end of the competition. Phantasma reserves the right to use any entered memes for future promotional and marketing purposes. Good luck everyone!