Over the last couple of years Phantasma has delivered a complex and feature rich technological backbone for gaming, dApps and Smart NFTs. Already we have interoperability with three other blockchains, full smart contract functionality, onchain storage, oracles and the most advanced Smart NFT functionality in the industry.

Not to mention GhostDev’s highly advanced NFT Marketplace GhostMarket and the Phantasma powered gaming hub Pavillion, plus a whole host of dApps and games in development. All of this with a green twist, onboarding our valued partner Save Planet Earth to ensure carbon neutrality and even negativity!

The Challenge

But! And there’s always a but. All this functionality in a standalone but still interoperable layer 1 blockchain platform makes it hard for newcomers to fathom that Phantasma is real, not to mention the complexity of digesting everything that Phantasma offers developers and users.

Still there are individuals who initially think Phantasma’s a dApp on another blockchain, and even seasoned SOULdiers sometimes find new functionality that they didn’t realize Phantasma had already delivered. So — what to do? How can we enable newcomers and veterans alike to easily get an overview of the Phantasma ecosystem?

The Solution

To boost awareness and understanding in the cryptosphere about the Phantasma interoperable ecosystem and layer 1 platform, we are launching an infographic competition!

A well executed infographic is easy on the eyes, provides overview and insight, and can be shared across all socials to educate and impress! While we have existing infographics, we are in need of building out our library of these tools, and to ensure they are up to date and will pique the interest of a curious audience.

The Prizes

The prize pool for the infographic competition will be divided among six winners as chosen by the panel of judges:

  • 1st prize: 1000 SOUL + 1 unique CROWN NFT
  • 2nd prize: 600 SOUL
  • 3rd prize- 400 SOUL
  • 4th prize: 100 SOUL
  • 5th prize: 100 SOUL
  • 6th prize: 100 SOUL

The Content

Infographic submissions should meet the following criteria:

  • Easy to read / view and understand
  • Can focus on a specific subject (oracles, cross chain, on-chain storage, Smart NFTs, carbon neutrality, gaming, developers, scalability and more) or give an overview of a larger part or even the entire Phantasma ecosystem
  • Can be directed at different audiences (end users, prospective or current token holders, developers, enterprises)

The Rules of Engagement

The rules for all submissions are as follows, if these rules are not followed the submission will be automatically disqualified, and the creator ineligible to receive a prize:

  • Original work ONLY (collaboration is however not only allowed, but encouraged)
  • Maximum three submissions per participant
  • Each submission must be Tweeted with a description, tagging @PhantasmaChain, using the hashtag #phantasmagraphic and the cashtags $SOUL and $KCAL
  • All participants must complete the opt-in form available here
  • Each submission must be sent as high resolution graphic to [email protected]
  • Phantasma reserves the right to use any and all submissions as it sees fit in relation to marketing and communication surrounding Phantasma and its suite of product offerings
  • Deadline for submissions will be on November 8th at 1200 UTC!

The Process

A panel of judges will review all submissions and narrow the field down to a shortlist of six entries that will be competing for 1st to 6th prize, all guaranteed a prize in SOUL and with one lucky winner taking home the CROWN!

A second review will then be performed to determine each shortlisted submission’s final spot on the winner’s list. Prize winners will be announced in reverse order, and all prizes will be distributed within 24 hours of the #1 infographic being announced.


Get creative!

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