Ecosystem Growth Contributors have been very busy connecting with a variety of different projects.  These projects range from gaming projects, strategic and infrastructure partnerships, and exploration into ways to move Phantasma forward as a decentralized platform.

Web3 Gaming Conversations with Phantasma

It’s a big decision for gaming projects to determine which blockchain to build on.  Based on the numerous conversations being made by the Ecosystem Growth Contributors, the overall sentiment is turning more positive toward web3 gaming.  

Combining Phantasma’s chain development progress, documentation improvements and help from Phantasma’s recently launched Specky Ai Bot, our conversations are being very well received and the engagement is promising.

Conversations with projects building within game genres such as pvp fighting, open world survival, fantasy card play, racing, sport based, and more.  The interest is there, it takes time and due diligence for these projects to determine their blockchain path but progress is being made.  

One of the priorities to bridge the gap between web2 and web3 for gamers is everything must be about the games.  Developers are recognizing this and Phantasma’s tools give developers the chance to effectively build with blockchain technology, create games that are fun to play and offer a great experience for gamers.  Gamers are more interested in great game play rather than the technology that’s under the hood or the crypto space in general. 

The web3 gaming space struggles to gain traction because the blockchain it’s built on becomes the focal point rather than the quality of the games themselves.  At Phantasma, it’s about developers having full creative control to build and showcase the best game possible to their gaming audience.

Exploring New Strategic and Infrastructure Partnerships for Phantasma 

We’ve spoken to many web3 gaming distribution projects that both promote web3 games and foster community growth for those games. We are looking for synergistic opportunities to offer our ecosystem partners and introduce developers of other games to Phantasma.  

Our current strategic partnership with Gamevolution has been incredibly productive as they have been introducing their clients to us which has resulted in promising leads.

A number of infrastructure discussions have also taken place to find easier ways for projects to build on Phantasma, enhance our chain features and generate greater accessibility to buy Soul.

Phantasma in South East Asia

Phantasma was well represented in both the Token2049 Conference in Singapore and Breakout 2023 Philippine Blockchain Week Event.  Our South East Asia initiative is yielding some strategic opportunities (more to come soon) with many new contacts in the region having been made and are being pursued.

Phantasma’s Community Souldiers Engaged

Our community participated in the Souldiers Lead Submission initiative.  In the spirit of being a decentralized platform, this community initiative began in September to help generate more project leads for our Ecosystem Growth Contributors.  In total, 31 submissions were given.  Thank you for your involvement in providing suggestions to help grow our ecosystem!

A Fresh Look is Coming to Phantasma

Our website, yep, it’s time for a change.  Be on the lookout for our short-term plan over the next several months to refresh our website.  

A nearly 70-point improvement plan (and growing) will be implemented with new updates, refreshed graphics, SEO optimization, and enhance both the developer and new token holder journey.  Reducing barriers to onboarding new token holders and ensuring developers are getting access to the tools to begin their development journey.  

Our long-term plan will be a complete overhaul of our website in the future.  Any web designers in our community who would like to volunteer to support the development of a new website, please contact us at [email protected] 

Phantasma’s Ecosystem is Awakening

There is a lot of excitement as we approach the end of 2023 and heading into 2024.  

Semkhor’s do-it-yourself NFT e-commerce platform is set to launch on Phantasma.  Described as a ‘Shopify’ experience for deploying NFT campaigns that will be used by Semkhor’s entertainment connections and to anyone with an NFT campaign idea.  

Long awaited games are slated to launch on Phantasma such as Wonderman, Race Hub. Ascent Resurgence, Stellar Gate, Katacomb, Battle of Gods to name a few.  

The groundbreaking OneWorld Project is also expected to launch using Phantasma DAO’s and Smart NFTs to promote community-based projects worldwide.  

Despite the long wait times on the surface, underneath, is a flurry of action and the momentum continues to grow.  Phantasma keeps building and ecosystem expansion opportunities are being generated and pursued.  The Phantasma Contributors continue to work hard in bringing to life the adoption potential of Phantasma.