Souldiers, it’s time for a development update to let you know what we’ve been working on lately.


  1. Phantasma Chain

Code Clean-up

  • Refactoring and general improvements to codebase.

RPC Issue Fix

  • Problem: RPC was not displaying a valid error message.
  • Solution: Enhanced code for better performance and improved code quality. Successfully resolved the RPC issue.


  1. Testnet

Testnet Explorer Updates

  • The Explorer now properly lists all relevant data without any discrepancies.

RPC Code Enhancements

  • Addressed and resolved certain issues within the RPC code for the Testnet.


  1. Phantasma Hub

Voting System Updates

  • Rectified bugs and introduced updates to the voting system.
  • Voting pages are now displayed correctly.
  • Inactive voting options are no longer shown to users.
  • General improvements to the codebase for better efficiency.


  1. Phantasma Blocks


  • Phantasma Blocks is a new software tool designed to generate transactions, ensuring consistent block creation on the blockchain.


  • By default, the system will produce a block every 6 seconds.
  • The software facilitates a minimal transfer of 0.005 KCAL between two wallets, ensuring seamless block generation.


  1. Phantasma AI


  • An innovative AI system developed by Sergio “Relfos” Flores. This AI is designed to bridge the Phantasma documentation with artificial intelligence, enabling users and developers to explore and innovate with Phantasma seamlessly.



  1. Pharming

Development Status

  • Currently in the evaluation and developmental phase, working on a tool to extract comprehensive data from the Liquidity Pools. This ensures users receive rewards equitably, based on their entitled reward amounts.

Progress Report

  • The data collection process is progressing well. The next phase will involve in-depth data analysis to derive actionable insights.


 Thank you for all your continued support,

 The Phantasma Contributors

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