Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly on enhancing the Phantasma blockchain experience. Here are the highlights for the last two weeks:

Phantasma Hub

  • Wallet icons for Poltergeist and Ecto have been updated.
  • The change API function has been fixed for seamless operations from the API Selector.
  • We’ve successfully completed the token deployment.
  • Necessary fixes have been applied to the Airdrop.


  • Welcome back to iOS! We’re glad to re-establish our presence in the iOS world.
  • We’ve released version 2.8.6 with a crucial fix to the cosmic swaps.


  • Issues with the display of NFTs, Series, and DAOs have been resolved.
  • Now you can view the correct address balances.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

  • We’ve started testing the DEX.
  • Users can now swap, provide liquidity, remove liquidity, and see liquidity.
  • The issues with balances updates and AddLiquidity have been fixed.
  • We’ve set up the pools to fetch in an interval.
  • Key improvements have been made to the Smart Contract.

Phantasma TS

  • Phantasma Link has been updated.
  • Wallet fetching is now more efficient.
  • The missing types issue has been fixed.
  • Account now has a defined type.


  • The nugget package has been published along with the necessary fixes.


  • We’re working on improving the node documentation.

Phantasma Chain

  • Docker Build is now integrated with Github actions.
  • Docker Hub has been streamlined for developers’ convenience.
  • We’re excited to announce the upgrade to version 14.
  • CosmicSwaps is now finally available.


  • The update function is now working perfectly.

Our team is more committed than ever to making Phantasma the best blockchain platform for users and developers. We sincerely appreciate your continuous support and belief in Phantasma. We will continue our efforts to bring you more updates and improvements. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

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