What have we been working on the last two weeks?

Work is in progress on a new feature that allows users to act as swappers. This essentially means users will be able to cross-chain swap their own tokens.
The team is brainstorming various strategies and models to ensure a seamless implementation of this feature.

Phantasma Hub
The feature to run Hex Script, a component of Advanced Interactions, is now successfully implemented. Advanced Interactions feature development is underway. Fees calculation based on the number of NFTs being airdropped and minted are completed. The Mass Minting feature is still in development.

We’re making considerable improvements to the backend for enhanced performance and user experience.
We have successfully implemented a faster method to retrieve transactions.

Old Explorer
Our old explorer at is back online for your convenience.

In our effort to facilitate better understanding and easier development, we are always improving our documentation.

Metamask Support
We’re making headway with the integration of the Metamask Wallet with the Phantasma Chain. We believe this will offer users more choices and flexibility.

Phantasma Rust
We’ve kicked off the initial development stages of Phantasma Rust. More details will be shared in the coming updates.

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and thank you for your continued support!


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