What have we been up to the last 2 weeks?

Software Development

Validator Contract Upgrades:
We are pleased and excited to announce that we have made significant upgrades to our validator contract. These upgrades will help ensure that our system is more secure and reliable and will make it easier for users to participate in our network.

Chain Improvements:
We are constantly working to improve the stability and security of our chain. Over the past week, we have made several significant improvements, including improvements to the consensus mechanism, which brings us one step closer to full decentralization.

Dex & CosmicSwaps Bug Fixes:
We discovered some bugs in the Dex and CosmicSwaps applications, and our team has been working hard to address them. We are happy to report that these issues have been fixed.

Block Rewards Fix:
We have fixed a bug in the Block Rewards system, which should help ensure that rewards are distributed fairly and accurately.

Phantasma-voting and Phantasma Contract Tester:
We have been working on the final push for the Phantasma-voting and Phantasma Contract Tester. These updates should help ensure that our system is more secure and reliable.

Business Development

We are proud to have onboarded another highly experienced professional to the Phantasma team to work on outbound connections. This last 2 weeks we have had discussions with DeFi projects, AI projects, and a Web3 fashion team all keen to learn more about the Phantasm ecosystem and how they can utilize smartNFTs.

‘Dok’ had a great time attending EthDenver to network for Phantasma and reported some very promising leads which we hope to develop and grow into partnerships in the coming weeks and months.


Mainnet SOUL listings on KuCoin, GateIO, and Coinspot. ‘State of the Chain’ video with Dok and Tek reviewing the Hacken audit and discussion about the native Phantasma DEX and voting system.