A fortnight of pivotal developments.

Comprehensive Refactor of Phantasma Chain Code

Our tech team has undertaken a massive revamp of our chain code to ensure the code is not only cleaner but also more readable and sustainable for the future. This is an enormous stride towards the ongoing maintenance and growth of the Phantasma blockchain, laying a stronger foundation for our next developments.

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Support

Phantasma is all about interoperability and making our blockchain more versatile so we’re actively working to integrate support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This will allow Ethereum developers to build and deploy smart contracts on Phantasma with the same tools they’re already accustomed to, expanding the scope of possible decentralized applications (dApps) on our platform.

Resolving Stuck Swaps

We understand the inconvenience posed by stuck swaps and are dedicated to resolving this issue. Our team is working round the clock to address the root cause and provide a long-term solution that will enhance the user experience.

Cross Chain Swaps

Cross-chain interoperability is no longer a concept of the future – it’s a reality at Phantasma. We’re making a concerted effort towards completing the Cross Chain Swaps, making it possible for users to seamlessly swap assets between different blockchains, offering more freedom and flexibility for our users but also establishing Phantasma as a versatile platform in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain.

Wrapping Up

Phantasma remains committed to making consistent progress and providing the best blockchain solutions for our community. We’re onboarding new developers to further enhance our efforts and anticipate even more exciting updates in the coming weeks.

Business Development

  • SOUL listed on the Cryptology Exchange
  • SOUL listed on HoudiniSwap
  • Dok attended the 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo in L.A
  • Battle of Gods collaboration announced to build on Phantasma

Phantasma Socials