Phantasma Hub Updates

Voting Version and UI Changes

We have been experimenting with a new version of our voting system, including changes to the user interface for a more intuitive experience.


Code Refactor

To improve the stability of Phantasma Hub, we carried out extensive code refactoring. This should enhance the platform’s performance and reliability.


Dev Version Launch

A developmental version of Phantasma Hub has been launched for internal testing, to ensure the upcoming version is bug-free and feature-rich.


DAO and Voting Issue Fixes

Several minor issues concerning DAO and Voting were identified and swiftly corrected to ensure a smooth user experience.


Phantasma Deposits Updates

New Platform Creation

The Phantasma Deposits platform has been created, allowing transfers from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to Phantasma SOUL / KCAL.


Deposits Code Release

The code for Phantasma Deposits is available to the public on our GitHub.


ETH/BSC Contracts

To facilitate the transfer of assets from Ethereum and BSC to Phantasma, we have created contracts on both chains.


Phantasma Airdrop Updates

Airdrop Tool Creation

We’ve developed a tool that allows for the airdrop of tokens based on a .csv file. This will significantly streamline the process of airdropping tokens to multiple recipients.


Airdrop Code Release

The source code for the airdrop tool is now available on GitHub


Phantasma Chain Updates

Major Code Refactor

In an effort to enhance the readability of our code, we’ve undertaken a significant code refactor on Phantasma Chain.


Dependency Removal

Unnecessary dependencies that were cluttering the code have been removed to streamline and optimize our codebase.


Contract Event Disassembly Fixes

We’ve improved how the system handles the disassembly of contract events, resolving several issues in the process.


Token Swapper

Work on the Token Swapper is still ongoing. We’re dedicated to delivering a robust, reliable solution and updates will be provided as soon as progress is made.


Poltergeist Updates

Wallet Upgrade

We’ve upgraded the Poltergeist wallet to display a custom message when a user creates a DAO. This enhancement improves user feedback and understanding of the process.


Phantasma Socials