Here’s what we’ve been working on for the last 2 weeks:

  • Our new voting system that allows SOUL holders to vote for proposals that affect the Phantasma blockchain has been tried and tested and is working but not ported to mainnet yet
  • We’ve made upgrades to the VM Objects
  • Made upgrades to the Typescript SDK and it almost fully supports the chain types. Some things are missing but it’s being worked on
  • Our Phantasma Contract Tester is in the works with an upgrade underway to allow users to make calls and interact with every smart contract on the chain, but it’s not finished yet
  • Work on a new wallet is in progress but still needs some work
  • The DEX is receiving a UI update. It’s taking a long time because the Phantasma-TS SDK needed a lot of work to allow developers of the front end of the DEX to interact with the chain without any issues
  • Other bug fixes to the existing code base and some increase in the test coverage.
  • Block syncing across all the nodes
  • We have been informed by Hacken that they will release the audit report on 3rd February
  • We continue to work with our CEXs to get deposits and withdrawals activated ASAP as a priority
  • Our Meme challenge attracted nearly 400 entries and we are extremely grateful to everyone who submitted an entry. We hope you save and use many of them to spread the word and build our community. Results will be announced soon
  • Pavillionhub is continuing to test extensively prior to activation
  • Our business development team is currently working on new marketing initiatives and programs to incentivize developer adoption and in the last two weeks we are excited to announce we have added one more member to the BD team with another expected to join this week