Firstly Happy New Year to our community. Here are the latest updates from the team for the last fortnight:

  • Thanks to the meme competition and increased interest in Phantasma in general, the number of followers on our social media channels is increasing again
  • The mobile Poltergeist wallet version 2.8.3 for Android has been added to Github. The iOS version will follow soon, and both will be available in their respective Play Stores soon
  • The preparations to have trading (including deposits and withdrawals) resumed on CEXs are progressing well with everything expected to resume this month
  • Trading NFTs on GhostMarket using the Phantasma blockchain has resumed
  • The voting system allowing SOUL token holders to vote for proposals affecting the Phantasma blockchain and ecosystem has been developed and is currently being tested. This is another step towards full decentralization
  • The activation of PavillionHub is getting closer with the last hurdles being tackled by both the GOATi and Phantasma teams
  • Our Business Development Team is making good progress with attracting new partners which add value to the Phantasma ecosystem

Note on the Hacken audit report. The Team is as equally disappointed as the community by the slow progress toward the publication of the report. The slow progress is being caused by some changes that have to be made to the report by Hacken, but due to our main Hacken contact being located in Ukraine, the communication is experiencing significant delays. We hope that the report can be published next week. What we can reveal is that the score that we have received from Hacken for a Layer 1 blockchain audit is something to be proud of.