What have we been up to the last 2 weeks?

Software development:

We have been focused on the Phantasma-Voting platform, which is currently still in development. While this project has experienced some delays due to competing priorities, we have been actively reviewing and improving the codebase for the DAO’s to ensure that we can announce it with confidence. We plan to continue developing this project to improve its usability.

Regarding the Dex, we have begun reviewing all the code to ensure that we are confident in the product we offer. While the development of the Dex has been on hold, we are pleased to report that it is now back on track. We remain committed to our ongoing efforts to provide secure and reliable solutions for our customers.

Business Development:

These past two weeks Biz Dev has been focused on putting structure and systems in place. A strong sales system allows the team to capture, pitch, and close any leads or partnership opportunities that will come as a result of the chain’s reactivation. The team has also recruited several new members with decades of sales experience to help sell the story and promise of Phantasma. Core team members, who have led this department through the downtime, have done a fantastic job of connecting with current and former ecosystem participants to get them ready for the chain’s growth and the reignition of sales and marketing.


Mainnet listing is imminent.

Our NFT giveaways have started on our Twitter account highlighting the low-cost minting and transaction fees on Phantasma. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that many of the community are spreading the word across social media and we appreciate the love.