Here’s what’s been happening, and what we’ve been working on, for the last 2 weeks.

Software development:

  • The chain protocol has been upgraded to version 10.
  • The voting mechanism was tested and fully integrated into the chain to allow all Soul Masters to vote on the future of Phantasma features and initiatives.

It’s a DAO! Power to the people

  • The Soul Master Rewards issue has been fixed and the rewards and Crowns have been distributed.
  • Improvements to block syncing and validation.
  • Improved the already existing Organization System (DAO) to be secure and to allow users to create their DAOs and interact with it to make Tx’s, Send Tokens, Stake Tokens, Add Members, and Remove Members. 
  • Added a feature to the chain to allow us to fetch every address for a specific symbol.
  • Validator Contract was upgraded.
  • Stake Contract was upgraded (SM Rewards).
  • Consensus Contract was upgraded/fixed.
  • Governance Contract was improved.
  • Phantasma – Voting (in the final stage of development)

This is a platform to use all the features mentioned above, such as DAO, Multi-Signature transactions, and voting. It’s not complete yet, but we’re getting closer. This will allow us to offer DAO functionality as a product.

Business Development:

  • Continued focus and progress in pursuing strategic partnerships. These are critical to have in place to add additional value for projects building on Phantasma and place Phantasma in greater circles of exposure which helps from a marketing standpoint.
  • More work continues towards optimizing the value from the very successful Hacken audit. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, and several contacts have resulted from this.
  • Follow-up with current partners and projects will continue, in order to re-align development progress and support.
  • Continued expansion into other Business Development areas such as Film3, Defi, and courting Web2 games towards PavillionHub for integration.
  • Conversations with CEXs to list mainnet SOUL and KCAL


We are proud to have released our much anticipated and impressive Hacken chain audit. 

Chain audits are vital as they are a comprehensive evaluation of the underlying structure of a chain focusing on core components such as consensus algorithms, data structures, and network security. They ensure the integrity and security of the chain by finding bugs, vulnerabilities, and other technical issues that can harm the network and its users from malicious actors. Our outstanding chain audit will promote trust and confidence for users, and developers looking to build on Phantasma, and will lead to more chain adoption and usage, which in turn can drive growth and development to ensure the long-term success of our ecosystem. You can read the full report here.

We put a huge focus on working closely with KuCoin and GateIO to get mainnet SOUL integrated on their exchanges. KuCoin has already released their announcement with regards to this and we expect to bring you good news with GateIO very shortly.