We’ve made great strides this last fortnight toward going live. As you can see below, testing is going smoothly, the new codebase has been uploaded, and the team grows more and more excited with each day as we close in on being able to resume normal operations. We hope you enjoy this news and look forward to the next update.


  • More than 700 automated tests have been completed successfully.
  • The first round of intensive user testing has been completed and all issues have been resolved.
  • The Phantasma 3.0 code base has been updated, adding another 40k lines of code.
  • The Phantasma 3.0 code base has been frozen to allow the final round of testing to be executed.
  • The DEX smart contracts have been adjusted and passed initial testing.
  • The data of the old chain has been successfully migrated to Phantasma 3.0.


  • Public release of the Hacken audit report.
  • The final round of testing by both the team and a dedicated group of testers from our community.
  • Fix issues that result from testing.
  • Prepare the launch of Phantasma 3.0.