We at Phantasma would first like to extend our well wishes to everyone for 2023.

We have taken the first step and officially activated the chain. As we’re still waiting for some final checks from 3rd parties, for the time being, transactions on Phantasma will be limited to mainnet only. Additional features will be implemented once the Hacken report is released.

The report delay stems from the fact that the final draft which was passed to us doesn’t include several fixes and upgrades that our team has made, which can lead to a higher final score; boosting our already passing numbers. We’re actively discussing this with Hacken, and hope to deliver the final report in January.

Activation of the chain will be following a staggered approach over the next few weeks, and we will be sure to keep you up to date and informed as each component is turned on. In the meantime, we encourage you to transact between wallets and verify on the explorer.


  • Poltergeist desktop versions: Please download the most recent version from Github.
  • Poltergeist mobile versions: To be released at a later stage.
  • Ecto: will be updated automatically when available.

On Chain Transacting

  • We’ve enabled wallet-to-wallet transactions which includes fungible and non-fungible tokens, as well as staking and unstaking of SOUL and claiming KCAL

CEX Deposits and Withdrawals

  • We’re coordinating with CEX’s to be able to re-enable deposits and withdrawals for users holding Soul as soon as possible.

Cross-chain Swaps

  • Will once again be enabled, closely matching the timeline for all other outbound connections.

Please send errors or unexpected results you encounter to [email protected] with as much info as you can provide to assist our devs in resolving the issue as soon as possible. Once the final activation has been implemented, Phantasma 3.0 will be fully live.

Let’s make 2023 a great year for the Phantasma ecosystem and community.