2-week update

Phantasma Unity SDK
Updated to support the new chain version, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration for game devs. This opens new possibilities for blockchain-based gaming and encourages more devs to join the Phantasma ecosystem.

Phantasma-CPP SDK
We’ve released the Phantasma-CPP SDK, which allows devs to build applications using the C++ language. This widens the range of supported platforms and helps grow our developer community.

Github Clean-Up
Made significant updates to our Github repositories, making it easier for devs to contribute to the project and help Phantasma grow.

Phantasma-Contracts Repository
We’ve created a new repository, Phantasma-Contracts, to host smart contracts that can be easily plugged in and deployed on the chain. This streamlines the development process and makes it simpler for devs to create new dApps.

Dex Updates
Our DEX has received updates to enhance its performance, security, and usability.

TokenSwapper Development
We’ve been working behind the scenes on the TokenSwapper to enable cross-chain swaps between various tokens. This feature is in development and will help expand the reach of Phantasma.

Phantasma Chain Update
Addressed and fixed minor issues in the chain to ensure a smoother, more reliable experience for users.

Tomb Upgrades
Our Tomb system has received upgrades to improve functionality and security, making it a more robust solution for users.

Poltergeist Wallet Update
Cosmic Swaps: Fixed issues related to cosmic swaps, enhancing the overall wallet experience.
Update Window: The wallet now features an update window, making it easier for users to stay up to date with the latest improvements.
UI Fixes: Addressed several UI issues to make Poltergeist Wallet more user-friendly.

Phantasma Contract Tester additions

  • Airdrop functionality
  • Get Transaction Info
  • Send / Stake Tokens
  • Change Owner
  • Decode Information

Thank you for your continued support.

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