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It is time to grow the ecosystem!

 Specky wants you!

$20,000 in Prizes!
Competition Closes In

Competition Rules

  • Can be utility rich dApps ported from other ecosystems or 100% original creations

  • There are no limitations on subjects / use cases or target user bases for your dApps

  • To ensure quality submissions that go live on Phantasma, all valid submissions must have reached either Proof of Concept or alpha stages

  • Competition ends xx.xx.xxxx at midnight UTC

Our vision has been to enable developers to build dApps with smooth user experience, low user costs and access to supremely powerful features like unruggable Smart NFT technology, oracles, cross chain interoperability and more

Gaming – NFTs – dApps

We Connect.  You Create & Control.

Phantasma is transitioning from the #buidling phase to the adoption phase, with multiple developer groups already preparing to launch their creations and build their user bases. Join GOATi (Pavillion, 22 Racing Series), GhostDevs (GhostMarket), Illuminated Entertainment (Blood Rune), Semkhor (Hollywood NFTs) and more in taking Phantasma to the next level!

Competition Prizes

  • 1st place: $10,000 USD (50% USDT, 50% SOUL)
  • 2nd place: $5,000 USD (50% USDT, 50% SOUL)
  • 3rd place: $3,000 USD (50% USDT, 50% SOUL)
  • 4th place: $1,000 USD (50% USDT, 50% SOUL)
  • 5th place: $1,000 USD (50% USDT, 50% SOUL)


  • Sergio Flores, Phantasma Founder
  • Bill Petridis, Phantasma COO
  • Garth Midgley, GOATi CEO

Tips to getting started:

  • Dive into our docs to understand how Phantasma works (
  • Our Knowledge Base holds a wealth of information (
  • Join our Discord and ask questions in the development subgroup to engage with our devs (
  • Have a clear idea of where you want to take your dApp.
    • What is its use case?
    • What resources are needed to go from idea to finished product?
    • Can you build it yourself or do you need additional team members?
    • Which Phantasma features will you hook into to make it happen?
    • What’s your projected timeline for completion?

Ready for a deeper dive?

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Phantasma provides a full suite of tools and features to enable the future of content distribution. Built-in oracles, Smart NFT gaming platform, arts and music, social connectivity – you name it, we’ve got it! Dive into the whitepaper to learn more

Whitepaper [EN]
Whitepaper [DE]

I’m a Developer, where do I go now?

Phantasma offers technical support for individual developers and studios alike who are interested in becoming a part of the growing Phantasma ecosystem and unleashing the built-in power of our feature rich blockchain and Phantasma NFTs. Register today to become part of our ecosystem!

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