On January 27th at 2:30 pm UTC, the Portugese tech university Escola Superior de Tecnologia (EST) near the city of Porto will be hosting a session dedicated to blockchain technologies and their potential use in the world of video games.

The presenter is our very own core SOULdier João Novo, Full-Stack developer at Phantasma and Master in Engineering in Digital Game Development student.

A talent factory focused on digital gaming

Home to the first Portugese research centre Digital Games Lab entirely dedicated to digital games – and with a strong focus on encouraging involvement in innovative R&D for its students – EST is well positioned in the Portugese technology sector, having already produced several award winning students in various national and international competitions.

Preaching the Phantasma gospel

Representing Phantasma at the event, João will provide insights into blockchain-based technologies (NFTs, cryptocurrencies, tokens and smart contracts), their impact on the gaming world and the opportunities it can bring to this industry. Phantasma, developed with a strong focus on gaming use cases and pioneering the world of Smart NFTs, is a natural fit for the emerging paradigm shift in game development.

EST’s announcement in Portugese

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