We are proud to announce that the eagerly awaited Phantasma integration with Binance Smart Chain is complete! After thorough testing by the team and helpful SOULdiers, the upgrade has taken place across all block producers, and assets can now flow freely between Phantasma and Binance Smart Chain!

Binancians here we come

Breaching the BSC ecosystem allows SOULdiers to access new liquidity options, while also opening up the growing Phantasma ecosystem to millions of new potential users who can now take advantage of Phantasma’s best-in-class Smart NFT features and advanced tools!

Ecto and Poltergeist upgrades released

As Binance Smart Chain uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine and has the exact same address format as Ethereum, upgrades to our wallets’ handling of cross chain transactions was performed to enable differentiation between an Ethereum and a Binance Smart chain swap. Poltergeist (v2.6) has been released and is as always available through our website’s wallet page. A new version of Ecto (v1.3.1) enabling BSC swaps has been released and is pending approval in the Chrome app store, this process usually takes a couple of days.

As always, new wallet versions come with various other improvements, in Ecto’s case this includes improved support for NFT video formats. Poltergeist v2.6 also comes with a nifty new feature; the ability to batch send an unlimited number of NFTs in one go (think thousands, or tens of thousands), where Poltergeist will automatically construct a series of txs that will be executed in sequence.

New chains, new DEXes — PancakeSwap

With assets flowing across the bridge between Phantasma and Binance Smart Chain, the team is already setting up trading pools on PancakeSwap for $SOUL and $KCAL. For those planning to contribute to the liqudity pools, this is the time to get your assets ready! A guide for providing liquidity on PancakeSwap will be released shortly. Furthermore, now that Binance Smart Chain integration has taken place, the team is commencing final testing of our incentivized liquidity solution, Phantasma Pharming.

A word of caution: Please DO NOT attempt to perform trades on PancakeSwap until contract addresses and pool links have been officially announced (expect a separate announcement shortly). PancakeSwap, like Uniswap, is a permissionless DEX which means it’s vulnerable to bad actors listing scam tokens trying to fool traders into buying worthless assets.

Smart Contracts on Binance Smart Chain

SOUL Smart Contract

SOUL contract hash: 0x298Eff8af1ecEbbB2c034eaA3b9a5d0Cc56c59CD

KCAL Smart Contract

KCAL contract hash: 0x855EA8048E1852996429A50aBdA60F583909d298

Thank you for your ongoing support!

The Phantasma Team and Phantom Force

Binance Smart Chain Swapping Tutorial