Phantasma and Curate – Ready to Expand Smart NFT Technology

Phantasma and Curate have forged a formal partnership focused on development centering around Phantasma’s Smart NFTs. Curate has pledged to integrate the Phantasma blockchain with their fully functioning world’s first mobile app cross-chain NFT marketplace, as well as launching their P2E game Xcursion on Phantasma utilizing Smart NFTs. To enable and augment Curate’s Phantasma capabilities, Phantasma has pledged to focus development resources towards delivering innovative and state of the art, Smart NFT cross-chain capabilities.

Curate Web3 Mobile App Cross-chain NFT Marketplace

Curate has built their own gasless blockchain X-Chain from the ground up, their own utility token $XCUR (ERC-20 / BEP-20) and NFT marketplace. Curate’s NFT marketplace is a mobile app with cross-chain capabilities, enabling users to mint, buy and sell NFTs across multiple chains. Curate’s feature rich mobile app includes wallet functionality currently supporting 11 different cryptocurrencies, and provides an abundance of useful metrics based on the user’s involvement, followers / following and more. With the pending Phantasma integration, Curate’s mobile app users will be able to use both SOUL and KCAL when trading their NFTs. Adding additional value to their mobile app, Curate is currently developing a physical goods marketplace, slated to go live later this year. With this release Curate plans to enable their users to purchase physical goods using a variety of cryptocurrencies through web3 wallets, the in-app Curate wallet or regular credit/debit cards. With the cross-chain NFT marketplace already live, users can choose between iOS and Android versions, with a web app version for desktop users also in the works.

Curate P2E game: XCURSION

Expanding their focus, Curate’s ambitions are also turning towards blockchain gaming. With Phantasma’s layer 1 blockchain designed by gamers for gaming, unique programmable Smart NFT technology and being certified as carbon negative, it’s the perfect infrastructure and ‘green’ solution to help facilitate the development of Curate’s P2E game XCURSION. Curate has secured Workinman Interactive to develop the XCURSION game. No stranger to game development, Workinman has an excellent track record of developing games for the entertainment industry, mobile games, web games, console games, and most recently a major Binance-listed blockchain gaming project. XCURSION is a competitive PVP and PVE tactics web RPG browser game that will utilize interoperable cross-chain NFT’s representing land ownership and unique heroes for gamers to collect. Players can build up armies of pixel art heroes to explore, build upon the land and battle other players. Even though Curate has planned for a variety of ways that players can earn while they play, a strong emphasis has been put on creating fun and engaging gameplay. For established and budding EXCURSION fans, stay tuned for news about the pre-launch NFT sale!

Phantasma Interoperable Cross-chain Smart NFT Development

Phantasma’s programmable Smart NFTs have become a valuable tool for game developers looking to build games without the constraints that come attached to first generation NFTs. To facilitate Curate’s vision for their game XCURSION, it will be the first to take advantage of Phantasma’s commitment to develop interoperable cross-chain capabilities for Smart NFTs. This groundbreaking development will create a mechanism to lock the SMART side of Phantasma’s Smart NFTs into a ‘vault’ and allow movement of the IMMUTABLE side of the NFT across chains. This provides the freedom to move an immutable version of the NFT to other blockchains, allowing it to be traded across a range of NFT marketplaces. If a buyer purchases an immutable version of a Phantasma cross-chain NFT, the cross-chain capabilities will allow the owner to move that NFT back to Phantasma, unlock the SMART properties from the vault and reconnect them to form the original programmable Smart NFT with all the functional properties and capabilities intact. Both Phantasma and Curate see interoperable cross-chain Smart NFTs as a critical ingredient for complete game developer flexibility to leverage across many chains. This will be a game changer for general users, blockchain gaming and metaverse developers – in short, for anyone creating, using and experiencing through Smart NFTs.

Exciting Partnership Ahead

Phantasma and Curate both have incredibly enthusiastic, dedicated and visionary teams. This exciting partnership will expand the ecosystems of both platforms through the integration of Phantasma’s Smart NFTs with the Curate NFT marketplace and mobile app. It will facilitate further expansion of Curate’s reach into the gaming space as they develop their game XCURSION using Phantasma’s Smart NFT technology, while interoperable cross-chain Smart NFT capabilities will generate maximum network effect through exposure in additional ecosystems and additional use cases for Phantasma’s Smart NFTs. Phantasma and Curate are both ready and excited to get started delivering game-changing functionality in its most literal sense, inducing growth that will benefit our collective communities and boost adoption!

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