Don’t watch to watch the full exciting AMA with Garth, Brooke and Bill? No problem, we’ve summarized the questions for you, from the community, for this comprehensive AMA:

What can we expect from Phantasma in 2024?

The vision for Phantasma is to be secure, stable and online all the time. We’ll focus on making the chain easier to use for gaming and entertainment.

There are many games and projects that are in a mature development stage that will get over the finish line in 2024.

We will see our games, plus Ascent Resurgence, launch and hopefully some music projects we’re talking to.

Are we getting a new roadmap?

Yes, and we hope to get something out on the website soon. Since the transition of custody to GOATi we’ve focused on doing a handover sprint that actually turned into a network stabilization sprint. Having GOATi onboard allows us to access a big network of technical resources. We are now working on the essential functionality restoration which has started with a testnet rebuild.

We don’t want to go on with the existing Phantasma codebase and neither do any of the current devs so we’re working on finishing a new codebase. We’re also working on sidechains in line with the whitepaper.

Once we have the new network up and running it will be much easier for the community to add validator nodes and block producing nodes to the network without any disruption.

Once we have the sidechains going, we’ll do more of a deep dive into how Pavillion Chain works and why it’s a great solution.

What are the main priorities?

Different members of the team have different priorities. Some devs are working on keeping the chain stable, others are working on the games. GOATi is looking at the foundations for the future and how we can continue to develop on Phantasma to bring more projects to build on the chain.

Is rebranding on the table?

Yes. The SOUL/KCAL tickers and tokenomics will stay the same but a facelift is definitely happening. It won’t be a complete rebrand but there may be some changes with KCAL which we will address.

Is VC on the table?

Short answer is no. The chain is not in a state where a VC would invest. We need to get to a point where we are generating revenue and we’re getting there. We don’t need VC’s that will look for a quick flip. VC investment will be more for projects building on the chain rather than the chain itself.

When will IOS wallet be available again?

Poltergeist Lite has just been published. The original publication was done through Lunar Labs which was Sergio’s company. Any further publication of IOS was met with reluctance on his part. GOATi can publish the new IOS wallet but we just need to do some more testing and fix some minor bugs first.

Will there be a new wallet?

Yes. The Pavillion wallet was originally just created for Pavilllion but will now have features such as staking, unstaking, naming your wallet, claiming KCAL etc. This will create a single-entry point for your games, video, comics etc. Long term we won’t support lots of wallets, but anyone will be able to build a wallet if they want through the SDK.

Will there be a new explorer?

Yes. The current one is awkward to use and needs work but it’s not a priority. We probably won’t look at it till we have the new Pavillion side chain running so we’ll have a faster explorer on a faster chain. The old explorer code is quite lightweight and can be rebranded to be something similar, but we’ll look at all options.

Can the community expect better communication?

We don’t like devs spending too much time talking to the community when they should be working on the games and the chain. There won’t be weekly or monthly AMA’s but the community managers will hopefully roll out some updates.

We have a strong team of community moderators that Bill will meet with regularly and he meets with the operations team every Friday. Information will then be filtered down, so we hope that’s sufficient to keep the community updated.

Who are the Goati dev team working on Phantasma?

We now have an enormous pool of technical resources to call upon so we can get the right person for the right job at the right time but we won’t have certain devs working for us all the time as it’s just not necessary.

Given that the scope of GOATi is to build games, how do GOATi plan to manage Phantasma Chain development?

This suggests that game developers can’t be blockchain developers or that we are not capable of building a blockchain. We were already building Pavillion chain given the previous issues on Phantasma and know what we’re doing. We’re lucky we have battle tested people, resources we can appropriate accordingly, and previous Phantasma devs we can call upon who are still around and very willing to help us when needed.

The tokenomics help fund development on Phantasma and we can dip into the talent pool at our disposal for what’s needed.

Were any funds paid to bring GOATi onboard?

No cash has changed hands. GOATi didn’t buy or take anything from Phantasma, which has its own way of generating income through inflation which is used for development. It’s the same process as before but GOATi is now managing that flow.

GOATi knows how to run a business and is running Phantasma as a business. We won’t waste money and will run the ship a lot tighter. We’ve worked with a lot of big companies like Rockstar who trusted us with their development, and we know how to deliver.

In 2019 GOATi received SOUL for building the C++ SDK and integrating NFTs but that’s the only funding we’ve ever received from Phantasma. We’re not being paid to manage the Phantasma project.

When are we coming out of Live Lite mode?

The previous team did a great job of going into live lite mode and containing the situation at the time. They turned off a lot of features that had been forgotten about. GOATi are assessing which primary features need to be restored. The scope for these covers bringing back inflation, Soulmaster rewards, SOUL minting (otherwise tokenomics don’t work), crown rewards, KCAL minting, wallet migration, DAO’s, cosmic swaps, storage, contract deployment, Phantasma AI and more RPC’s.

As we turn on each of these features individually there will be extensive testing, that will require help from the community. We’ll come out of this in a much leaner, faster state which will place us well to be more portable.

Bill will come back with regular updates as each feature makes it’s way to test, and how progress is going, so the community can track the restoration of essential functionalities.

Is there a possibility that some of GOATi’s partners will come forward and work with Phantasma?

Realistically no, why would they? They are already by proxy as their tech is being used in the games building on Phantasma.

We’re connected with AMD, Intel, Sony, we’ve been talking with NVIDIA for a long time, Meta recently visited the studio in Melbourne, and we met last year with Apple special projects in San Francisco as they’re interested in some things we’re doing. We’re also connected with Citroen, DS and MG as seen on the Racehub website.

GOATi is talking to a lot of people and will connect teams together if it’s something that can benefit Phantasma.

Any update on the Illini Blockchain Club?

Yes, this one is great. University of Illinois have a well-established tech department and have 2 students being mentored by our developer Alex (publisher of Poltergeist Lite) who has tasked them with working on some upgrades for Ecto wallet. There is a chance of an internship over the summer.

Semkhor FX studios is also running courses on how to link media to an NFT.

We want to work with a lot more students.

Is there going to be developer documentation?

Yes. Once we get the chain stable, back online, getting Pavillion Chain up and running and updating the SDK we’ll focus on documentation.

Once we have the new foundations that we’re building for the future, after everything is stabilized and we have the side chains up, the entire system will be based off a written specification of how the software behaves.

When will cross-chain swaps be re-enabled?

Not right now. This one needs to be approached with caution. As long as it’s watertight and with a tried and tested solution we will look at it again.

We want to see it come back because farming was popular, it was possible to swap SOUL and KCAL to BNB and ETH and to contribute to liquidity pools but not if it’s going to compromise us and is not immediate on the roadmap until we’re safe and secure.

Are you actively trying to bring games and projects to Phantasma to foster an active blockchain ecosystem?

We’ve already covered this but to add to this, Semkhor delivered a DIY e-commerce solution where anyone can set up their own white label e-commerce site and accept payments in traditional currency and crypto. No-one has launched their own shopfront from it yet but they can.

We want to get more from the partnerships we already have. Pavillion has it’s own SDK for games to use which is kind of equivalent to a Steam SDK and allows games to move to Pavillion but it’s still in development. 22 Racing Series is a test case for it and we’re constantly adding more features to the Pavillion SDK to make it available to more developers which should benefit the growth of Phantasma.

When will there be more block producers?

We do want to increase the pool but not right now. Partners that are contributing to the chain should ideally be rewarded with a BP.

When we shift from the old codebase to the new foundations it will come with a new consensus model which will be much easier to add community run nodes into the network as well as known identity nodes, community BP’s and validators that are making sure that all BP’s are following the rules.

We don’t have a time frame for when the switchover will happen but we are actively working on the future solutions for this.

What is the plan for KCAL?

To be determined. It’s a utility token that needs use cases. We’re looking at a lot of things to change that. Meddling with the original tokenomics is hazardous. We’re looking at a possible burn as well as adding KCAL to the DEX that has been created.

We’re also looking at a suggestion of pegging the cost of a transaction to the amount of electricity, in a dollar value, that the transaction equates to, plus offsetting the carbon footprint.

Once we get the foundations in place and a voting structure in place, we can put any changes to KCAL up for a community vote.

We are also looking at setting up a gas station where a project gets vetted and can qualify for an allocation of KCAL to cover their transactions.

Pavillion is already acting as a gas station as it pays for all backend transactions.

Can we expect monthly AMA’s?

We addressed this earlier in this AMA

Will we continue collaboration with Chris Jericho, Semkhor and new partnerships?

Yes. Chris Jericho’s Painmaker project will continue to work with Phantasma. There is also a bi-directional bridge in place where users can bridge their NFTs to Opensea and back. Kevin Smith will also be communicating this to his community.

Since the merger are GOATi using the 3% Phantasma inflation funds to fund GOATi?

Phantasma money is used for Phantasma development, GOATi funds will be used for GOATi. Some Phantasma funds may be used for marketing but that will be for all projects, not just GOATi projects.

In 2024 will we see SOUL listed on more exchanges or a big DEX?

If we can find an exchange that is accessible for US customers then we will look at that and pursue it. Getting listed on CEX’s and DEX’s is not a huge priority but in the future it would be good for Phantasma.

Is the progress of Phantasma on a public Github repository?

Yes and No. Poltergeist Lite is a public repository. Pavillion Chain is not public. As we re-enable functionality there will be code commits.

All the architecture for the new codebase is in a private github but once that spec is stable we’ll probably migrate it to a public one.

Will we be able to get our tokens back, like ETH and BNB, stuck on the Phantasma mainnet?

All funds are in place and accounted for to redeem funds stuck on mainnet. Swapping is problematic but we’re working on a watertight automated process. It won’t be manual.

When is Ledger support coming?

Not a priority at the moment. We would love to have Ledger support but it’s just not a top priority so stay tuned.

Will the team take on a more hands-on proactive approach to marketing to take Phantasma to new levels of growth?

What are we marketing? The chain is not in a state to spend funds on marketing yet. Individual projects will be marketed to bring further adoption to the chain and create a honey pot that will attract other projects. We will take a co-ordinated approach to marketing.

We will focus on making real things that bring attention to Phantasma and not just putting PR into making people believe they should invest in a project when nothing is there. We prefer to build things first and then market the things that have been built.

Is Chris Eargle still part of the development team?

Yes. He’s been part of the team and helping out with various issues for some time and we have a good rapport with him. He was engaged to build the C# compiler which was nearly finished until he was called in to help with containing the issue with Sergio. We’ll make contact with him again.

Phantasma is not appealing. Will that change from the current team?

We are addressing both of these issues. We need to get the games launched to make Phantasma more appealing. Phantasma has always been appealing to GOATi and that hasn’t changed.

In 2019 it was easy for GOATi to be sold on Phantasma compared to Ethereum. We’re now building something that is extremely slim and fast, that can have a range of different applications built on it. Once we have a few test cases it should be an easy sell to developers.

We’re taking the best bits of Phantasma and Pavillion Chain into the new foundations to allow it to run more efficiently and easy for developers.

We’ll do another live AMA once we have Pavilion chain out of test net and go through all the features of this next generation blockchain.

Who pays the dev team for Phantasma?

GOATi has been wearing that cost but moving forward that is going to be covered by Phantasma.

What’s happening with Paul and Tek?

Bill: Paul was great helping me with the handover. Tek is still onboard in an advisory role. There’s a big codebase to navigate through and we still need his help. Tek is interested in contributing to the next generation of Phantasma but doesn’t want to work on the legacy Phantasma codebase. He’s also working on some of his own projects.

Closing Comments:

We’re still here onboard and we’d love you to come along with us. If you could harness the positive energy of the GOATi studio you’d be excited for what is coming.

We’ll be doing a live Wonderman gameplay demo on June 10th so please join us for that.

We’re here to build great games and a better future and look forward to a great 2024 and beyond.

Thanks for joining our AMA. We truly appreciate our community.