GOATi’s blockchain enabled, Steam integrated game platform Pavillionhas just launched their online store! Initially launched as a standalone application for Windows PCs, the Pavillion online store provides an additional option that’s available anywhere you are — perfect for users on the go or when using alternate devices at home.

At the core: User friendliness!

Just like with the Pavillion standalone app, getting started with blockchain enabled gaming through the Pavillion online store is so simple that an average gamer will hardly expend a single mental calorie getting started.

The Pavillion online store allows gamers to sign up and easily create a blockchain account based on the familiar username/password concept everyone knows from other services, including fellow game platforms like Steam or Epic Games. Users can then purchase the GOATi token (stablecoin pegged at $0.10 to avoid any financial risk due to market fluctuations) using either crypto or their preferred fiat currency and start shopping gaming NFTs. Pavillion takes care of all of the fees for transactions on chain, no need to worry about multiple token types.

Supporting the use of 25 different fiat currencies and 34 cryptocurrencies — and offering a significant discount for users opting to pay with Phantasma’s native coin SOUL — GOATi aims to cater to every gamer regardless of whether they have previous blockchain experience or are completely new to the concept.

Your Pavillion Account — Explained

Signing up through Pavillion provides gamers with their very own Phantasma blockchain wallet, but managed and secured by GOATi on behalf of the user. A core benefit of the Pavillion account is that gamers will be able to recover their account (private keys/WIFs) using regular account recovery options like they have come to expect from other services. This mitigates the current worry a blockchain novice may have; losing all their assets due to misplacing their private keys is no longer a thing.

Pavillion is built for everyone. You don’t need to be a blockchain or crypto enthusiast to work it out. You can easily make a wallet in Pavillion and secure your account with a passcode. Creating a Pavillion account is merely one of many options available to gamers. Users can still opt to have full control of their own blockchain gaming wallet, and forego the Pavillion account recovery options.

Pavillion — Hot and Steamy integration

To avoid having to jump between game platforms to launch your favourite game, Pavillion enables you to link your Steam account to Pavillion and access all your Steam games directly. On top of this, the Steam integration enables gamers to automatically use the blockchain backend with games that integrate the Pavillion API. Pavillion’s launch title 22 Racing Series is already working this way; Whether you’re playing 22RS via Steam or Pavillion, both in-game inventories are using NFT assets running on Phantasma.

Pavillion brings all the benefits of blockchain storage: Game licenses and in-game assets (both are NFTs stored on the Phantasma blockchain) are 100% in control of the user. Gamers can use or sell their assets however they like, including on the upcoming cross chain NFT marketplace launching on Phantasma in the coming weeks!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a gamer, head over to the Pavillion website to see for yourself how easily you can unleash the power of blockchain enabled gaming!

Why Developers Choose Pavillion & Phantasma

While some blockchain services charge developers an arm and a leg for minting NFTs, there is absolutely no cost to developers for minting NFTs on the Phantasma blockchain. As a developer, you can either pre-mint NFTs, or mint them on-demand. We call this insta-minting, where the NFT will be minted and sent to the user as soon as it’s been purchased. Phantasma also supports a wide variety of features for NFT game licenses, such as; Full game, limited feature access, limited by time, limited by event.

“We are using Phantasma as our blockchain backend because it has been purpose built to make transactions and NFT minting extremely efficient — which is how we manage to pull all of this off.” — Garth Midgley, GOATi

The Phantasma blockchain even supports swapping to other blockchains. Swapping to the NEO blockchain is already supported, and Ethereum swapping is coming shortly. This means that users will be able to transfer and sell their assets on the chain of their choice.

The Pavillion Steam integration takes developer friendliness to the next level. Allowing users to log in using their Steam account unlocks the ability for game licenses sold and owned on Steam to access a blockchain NFT inventory. The significance of this cannot be overstated: Every game owner can get the benefit of on-chain assets without having to repurchase the game license as an NFT. This is extremely handy for developers who already have thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of game license owners on Steam who they want to migrate to a blockchain backend without losing their audience.

22 Racing Series — Pavillion’s launch title

Pavillion’s launch title 22 Racing Series was the impetus for creating the Pavillion game hub. Designing the game and its user-user economy 10 years ago, GOATi always knew that they needed a technology like blockchain to exist to make it all possible. Now it’s here — the beta is live — and GOATi & Phantasma are bringing it to the masses! Since 14th Feb 2020, 22 Racing Series has had

  • Just under 250k NFTs minted
  • More than 20k marketplace transactions
  • More than USD$35k of value in marketplace transactions between gamers

22 Racing Series — All about transparency

All transactions on the blockchain are unchangeable and transparent, and they can be checked and verified by the user. Even opening a 22 Racing Series vehicle part pack, users are able to fully inspect the part pack contents to review their odds of receiving any part in it. Furthermore, once opened the user can verify the authenticity of the transaction. To enable this, GOATi uses a combination of hashed on-chain and user secret randomness that is then decrypted and published on the blockchain once the transaction is completed. Users can then use GOATi’s open source blind bag audit tool to verify the results.

For those of you already playing 22 Racing Series or about to get started, we’re pleased to share that competitive leaderboards will be coming to 22 Racing Series around the 17th July. These will have a number of leaderboards and points based challenge events that will include prize money.

“We created Pavillion because we wanted a way for users to get the easy access into games that they expect from existing gaming and app platforms, with all the benefit of finally truly owning their assets, using blockchain to do it, but without having to know how it works.” — Garth Midgley, GOATi

All they need to know is that it’s easy to get playing and having fun, and then when they’re done with a game or an in-game asset, they can trade or sell it and reap the rewards and fruit of their gaming labour.